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Ring Size Chart

Remove the guesswork when purchasing a ring by finding your ring size in letters using our ring size chart below. To ensure that you get the correct ring size we have put together some helpful tips and advice.


     ★ Ring size chart in letters
     ★ Men's ring size chart
     ★ Actual size ring size chart
     ★ How to measure your ring size
     ★ How to measure your ring size at home
     ★ Ring size FAQs

Ring Size Chart

AU Sizes US Sizes Europe Sizes Finger Circumference In MM Diameter Of Ring In MM
F 3 4.25 44.20 14.07
F 1/2 3 1/4 4.75 44.80 14.27
G 3 1/2 5.5 45.50 14.48
G 1/2 3 3/4 6 46.10 14.68
H 4 6.75 46.80 14.88
H 1/2 4 1/4 7.5 47.40 15.09
I 4 1/2 8 48.00 15.29
J 4 3/4 8.75 48.70 15.49
J 1/2 5 9.25 49.30 15.70
K 5 1/4 10 50.00 16.10
K 1/2 5 1/2 10.5 50.60 16.10
L 5 3/4 11.25 51.20 16.31
L 1/2 6 11.75 51.90 16.51
M 6 1/4 12.5 52.50 16.71
M 1/2 6 1/2 13.25 53.10 16.92
N 6 3/4 13.75 53.80 17.12
N 1/2 7 14.5 54.40 17.32
O 7 1/4 15 55.10 17.32
O 1/2 7 1/2 15.75 55.40 17.32
P 7 3/4 16.25 56.30 17.93
P 1/2 8 17 57.00 18.40
Q 8 1/4 17.5 57.60 18.34
Q 1/2 8 1/2 18.25 58.30 18.54
R 8 3/4 19 58.90 18.75
R 1/2 9 19.5 59.50 18.95
S 9 1/4 20.25 60.20 19.15
S 1/2 9 1/2 20.75 60.80 19.35
T 9 3/4 21.5 61.40 19.56
T 1/2 10 22 62.10 19.76
U 10 1/4 22.75 62.70 19.96
U 1/2 10 1/2 23.25 63.40 20.17
V 10 3/4 24 64.00 20.37
V 1/2 11 24.75 64.60 20.57
W 11 1/4 25.25 65.30 20.78
W 1/2 11 1/2 26 65.90 20.98
X 11 3/4 26.5 66.60 21.18
X 1/2 12 27.25 67.20 21.39
Y 12 1/4 27.75 67.80 21.59
Z 12 1/2 28.5 68.50 22.00

Men’s Ring Size Chart

No need to stress about getting the perfect ring size. We've included a handy men’s ring size chart and some helpful tips below to make your search for the perfect men’s ring that much easier. 

men's ring size chart

Actual Size Ring Size Chart

Measure your ring size at home by downloading and printing this printable ring sizer PDF

Please note: you must print this chart as it will not work on a screen. Prior to printing, please ensure the page size is set to A4 & ‘Actual size’ or ‘100%’ in your print dialogue box. Use a ruler to check that the ring sizer is exactly 10cm long on your printed page. This chart represents ring sizes for Australia. Sizings are approximations only and actual rings produced using these sizing methods may require adjustment by Shiels. for a 100% accurate reading visit us in store or purchase a ring multisizer from our store.

How To Measure Your Ring Size

When it comes to rings, it is important that you know how to measure your size. To make the process easier for you, our friendly staff are happy to help at all of our store locations. One of our expert jewellers will make sure that you get measured using a ring sizer that’s of similar width to the ring you’re interested in.

Nothing replaces getting measured with a proper ring so you can feel how it fits on your finger and receive a personal shopping experience.

How To Measure Ring Size At Home

Measuring your average ring size at home has never been easier with our world-famous Ring Multisizer Sizing Gauge from our online store.

This device works exactly like a belt. All you have to do is push the end through the buckle to form a ring shape. Then you can slip the multisizer on your finger and adjust it to provide a comfortable fit. When the best size is achieved, read the size indicated by the arrow to discover your ideal ring size. If the band on the ring is going to be wider than a standard 2mm, then you need to go up by half a size. Please refer to the chart above for an accurate half-size reading. 

what is my ring size: multisizer

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Alternatively, you can use a thin measuring tape or a cord to match your size with the chart above. If using a cord, mark the ends and use a ruler to determine your ring size in mm. However, this is not advisable because it won’t give you a highly accurate reading.

If you have a ring that is from another country, use the measurements in the chart above to determine your ring size conversion in Australia. 

Please note that some ring sizes can be resized at an additional cost, however, resized items are non-refundable.

Ring Size Chart FAQs:
What is the average ring size for women?

The average ring size for women varies widely from person to person, however, typically most women fit somewhere in between three categories - small: I-M, medium: N-Q and large: R-U. 

If you’re looking for the average ring size of a loved one, you can use our ‘What Is My Ring Size?’ tips to measure a ring and determine an average.

Are ring sizes universal?

Rings are sized on a universal scale, but different countries have different ring-size systems. For example in the UK and Australia, letters are used to determine ring size while in the USA, numbers are used. 

When placing an order, keep in mind we use UK/ Australian letter sizing. Please refer to the chart above to determine and convert a ring size. 

Can a ring be sized down?

Rings can be sized down. Here at Shiels, standard ring sizes are available with most rings while any other size can be resized at an additional cost. Please check the sizing details of each product. 

Can a ring be sized up?

Rings can be resized in several ways depending on if they need to be bigger or smaller. However, it is important to note that each ring is different. If a ring is resized more than two sizes, either way, it can cause stress on the ring. 

If you are concerned about resizing, please contact us.

How do you know what ring size your girlfriend is?

Finding out what ring size your girlfriend is requires a little bit of investigation. Starting with identifying the ring sizes of her existing rings is a great start. Even if they are for the wrong finger, this will give you a handy guide. You can also attempt to measure her finger or hazard a guess.

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