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Ruby Earrings
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Ruby Earrings

Every woman deserves to own a piece of jewellery which complements her fierce, bold femininity. A pair of ruby earrings from Shiels Jewellers accomplishes just that.

Express the passionate side of your personality by wearing ruby stud earrings, ruby drop earrings, ruby hoop earrings set in gold, plated sterling silver, and yellow gold.  Our range can accommodate a variety of styles and deliver the same eye-catching effect. Ruby earrings are the perfect gift to celebrate majestic Leo women born in July. The deep red coloured gem will catch the light just right, any time of the day, surrounding her with a beautiful warm glow.

Stand out like royalty by wearing any of our ruby earrings in different shapes like oval, heart, stud, flower cluster, or princess cut. These gemstones were once treasured by kings and queens in history. Now you can make them an addition to your story and choose among classic and decadent styles combined with the stately strength of diamond and cubic zirconia stones which will delight you for a lifetime.

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