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St Christopher Pendants
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St Christopher Pendants

Get ready for festival season with an assortment of exclusive St. Christopher pendants available at Shiels Jewellers. Pendants are this season’s perfect layering accessory to complete any and every look.

Choose from a wide variety of St. Christopher pendants designed specifically with individuality in mind. Wear it alone for a modern minimalistic feel or layer it up with gold chains and silver chains for an edgier look. The pendant that was once known as the iconic surfer necklace, worn for protection in the ocean, has finally hit land and in the most epic way. St. Christopher is the patron Saint of travel and travellers, so this pendant come with you on every trip you take. These delicate pendants are available in both sterling silver and yellow gold making them versatile enough to wear on any occasion. Each Shiels St. Christopher pendant is crafted with artistic detail; and with so many choices it’s hard not to buy them all!

Get on the best dressed list this festival season with one of these unique necklaces available both online or in store at Shiels. Buy a pendant online from Shiels Jewellers today and get free shipping when you spend $99. 

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