A Roundup Of Our Best Opal Engagement Rings

A Roundup Of Our Best Opal Engagement Rings

Sandra De Gregorio
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At some point, many of us will embark on that all-important journey toward finding the perfect engagement ring. It’s a decision-making process that takes time, thought, and elimination. Is there such thing as the perfect - ONE - the only ring that is unique enough to tell the tale of our own private love story?  

Pause a moment and consider what your engagement ring should say about your style.  This decision will, after all, impact the one piece of jewellery that will forever be bound to your finger- or so we hope! An exciting option when contemplating engagement rings is the beautiful, beloved, and unmatched opal.  

The precious gemstone known as the opal has always been associated with love and passion, a fitting piece that represents the spark and fire of a relationship.  For the non-diamond bride that seeks a more unconventional choice of ring, the opal is a stunning alternative that should always be considered.  Sure, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and their radiance is unrivalled, but opals are an intriguing spectacle of light that gives off a kaleidoscopic glow that simply mystifies.  In this way, the opal is an astonishing one-of-a-kind gem that makes for the perfect engagement ring.  

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia which accounts for 97% of the world’s supply.  The name ‘Opal’ derives from the word, ‘Upala’ adapted from an ancient language of Hindu origin called Sanskrit.  Upala takes on many forms of expression, in translation it means jewel, but the soul meaning of the word denotes a person in pursuit of adventure, a pace-setter that will not be ruled by tradition; how fitting a name for this remarkable stone and its significance to the engagement ring.  

That which makes the opal such a mysterious stone is the inspiring array of colours each one produces, ever extraordinary and never alike.  Opals are classed by two distinctions, the common opal, and the precious opal.  Let's discover what makes the best opal engagement rings.


The Common Opal

The common opal is opaque and translucent in nature, with specks of red, green, blue, and orange.  All these colours unfold in efflorescent unity to produce a striking stone that simply radiates.  Every angle of view protrudes a different colour set, making every light extrusion a completely unique experience.  Shiels has taken every care to procure a ring that has been crafted to compliment the stunning common opal.

The 9ct 0.45ct Natural White Opal and Diamond Halo Ring simply beams in organic beauty. This is one of our best opal engagement rings. 

9ct 0.45ct Natural White Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

9ct 0.45ct Natural White Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

$469.00 $1,069.00

*Colours may vary. Resize 1-2 sizes only. Please contact us regarding special order enquiries for this ring. All ring sizes can be specially ordered, with delivery approximately 6-8 weeks.… read more

The opal takes centre stage, clawed so accurately at the head and nestled comfortably in a halo setting of immaculate diamonds. The natural white opal is raised by a decorative shaped gallery mount on a white gold band that tappers at the bridge. This one makes for the best opal engagement ring, with a classic touch of diamonds to compliment the exquisite stone.   

The Precious Opal 

The precious opal has a solid light or dark undertone with a completely different make-up of colours that are more prismatic than what is displayed by the common opal.  Play of colour is what makes the precious opal so rare, more so than even the diamond.  At Shiels, the precious opal is showcased in a variety of settings, in a ‘Triplet’ form which alters the stone to add a black base with a protective layer of quartz at the top.  The 9ct Yellow Gold 7x5mm Opal Oval Ring is our pick to showcase the precious opal in her brilliance in the class of best opal engagement rings.


9ct Yellow Gold 7x5mm Opal Oval Ring *Resize 1-2 Sizes Only*

9ct  Yellow Gold 7x5mm Opal Oval Ring   *Resize 1-2 Sizes Only*


Colours may vary. This ring is made from Natural Australian Opal in a 'Triplet' form, meaning the layer of Opal in this beautiful piece is protected by a window of quartz and black plastic, which also enhances the colour of… read more

The fragments of precious gem included in this piece are simply breathtaking and certainly peak through the overlay.  The opal takes an oval shape in a claw setting, and the 9ct yellow gold band has a stunning finish.  There is a round alternative to this oval-cut design, for those that prefer a round shape on their finger. 

9ct Yellow Gold Triplet Opal 5mm Round Bezel Ring *Resize 1-2 Sizes Only*

9ct Yellow Gold Triplet Opal 5mm Round Bezel Ring   *Resize 1-2 Sizes Only*


Colours may vary. This ring is made from Natural Australian Opal in a 'Triplet' form, meaning the layer of Opal in this beautiful piece is protected by a window of quartz and black plastic, which also enhances the colour of… read more

Sold out

At every glance, the iridescence of light is displayed in the tones of blue and red or blue and green depending on the angle of view.  Oh, how this opulence would make for the most striking of engagement rings, the best in fact.    

Opals In History

Opals have a deep history that dates to the Middle Ages.  Perceived as the October birthstone, opals have been hailed ‘The Queen of Gems’ worn by the likes of Cleopatra, Empress Josephine de Beauharnais, and the Royal Queen Victoria of England.  This lineup of strong women had a particular admiration for the opal, and would often be seen wearing a piece of jewellery that adorned it.    

The Natural Makeup Of An Opal

Opal is a natural wonder, a beautiful arrangement of silica and water that combine over millions of years in the depths of the earth's rock.  It’s a wise stone that is highly absorbent and reflective of emotions, a karmic gem that is very much a representation of one's destiny.  How fitting that a stone of such definition be used in the design of an engagement ring.  It's certainly another reminder that the best opal engagement rings have a deep connection to the earth.

The Law Of Attraction

The opal is a mystical stone that is often cited in the ‘Law of Attraction,’ or ‘like’ attracts ‘like’ as the notion goes.  Opals have a place in the metaphysical, with their unique allure that brings clarity and energy to the life of its beholder.  This opens the door to endless possibilities and cements the notion that the best opal engagement rings are the ones that lure their beholder.  The opal has a deep connection to love and passion which makes it an obvious choice when choosing that all-important engagement ring.  

Take Care Of Your Opal

There is a misconception surrounding the delicacy of opals, while they are classed as a 'soft gem’ they are known to be as hard as glass.  In this way, opals can be prone to accidental cracking or shattering just like glass, it is always advisable therefore to remove your best opal engagement ring when performing heavy lifting or during vigorous activities.         

The Australian opal is extremely non-porous and therefore cannot soak up water, oil, or any other liquid to alter its core.  An opal that has been crafted into jewellery, however, will usually take on a doublet or a triplet form, which means that it has been altered by layers at the bottom or top of the stone.  Overexposing a doublet or triplet opal to a water source can eventually break down the opals’ layers causing them to separate, which will result in a cloudy appearance that cannot be reversed.   It’s best to always remove your opal engagement ring before engaging in household cleaning or heading to the beach or pool. 

Opals are generally not suited to everyday wear but if they are treated with care, opals can - and will - last a lifetime in their own spectacular beauty.  Opal engagement rings are classed by the tones of style that make them unique, undefined by any - ONE - quality, and ever enchanting in their ability to pass through generations as heirlooms of good luck. 

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