Proposal Stories: Saying I Do Amongst a Sea of Candles

Proposal Stories: Saying I Do Amongst a Sea of Candles

Emily Schinella Emily Schinella
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When local Adelaide Youtuber Ella a.k.a Smiley Citrus and her boyfriend Nick of almost three years set out to go on a romantic dinner right before Christmas 2020, Ella had an inkling almost immediately that this might be the night he was planning to propose. 

“Right before (he popped the question), the whole time at dinner he was acting so strange...he kept getting up and checking his phone and I just thought to myself, can’t we just have a normal dinner?” Says Ella, who was slightly bemused at Nick’s peculiar behaviour that night. 

After dinner, the two went back to the apartment they share where Ella would be greeted by the lovely sight of one hundred dimly lit candles scattered around the room, fresh flowers, a bottle of champagne and Nick on one knee with a diamond engagement ring in his hand. 

“It was nice to be at home in our own space,” says Ella. 

“It felt so comfortable with it being just the two of us.”

Ella and Nick #LoveShiels Proposal Story

Ella and Nick #LoveShiels Proposal Story

The proposal was a long time coming for Nick who had been hiding the engagement ring for almost eight weeks as he brainstormed the perfect way to pop the question to Ella. And while he had a few concepts in mind, one thing was for certain-he wouldn’t be doing it in public. So, deciding to do it in the comfort of their own home seemed like a natural choice. 

“When you propose in public, people tend to gather around and watch but I didn’t really want that. So it was nice with it being just the two of us and we also didn’t do any social media for a little while so we just sat and talked just the two of was really nice,” says Nick. 

As for the ring, Nick chose an exquisite white gold halo engagement ring from Shiels’ Memoire Jewellery collection. 

Memoire 18ct White Gold 0.60 Carat Diamond Bouquet Cushion Halo Solitaire Ring

Memoire 18ct White Gold 0.60 Carat Diamond Bouquet Cushion Halo Solitaire Ring

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Not all rings are equal, and this Memoire 18ct White Gold 0.60 Carat Diamond Bouquet Cushion Halo Solitaire Ring is crafted to be one of the best. A sunray pattern of diamonds sit in the centre, with an array of… read more

Thankfully, for Nick, like most girls, Ella had a rough idea of the engagement ring she would want and would often drop some subtle hints to him. Nick also made sure to scour the internet and seek out the opinions of some of the other women in his life before heading to stores. 

“I had a pretty good idea...the halo setting is a style I was really drawn to, so I sent him (Nick) a few inspo pictures,” says Ella, who gave Nick an A+ for the ring he chose. 

“I saw quite a few rings that I really liked but as soon as I saw that one (Ella’s ring)...I just knew it was the one,” says Nick. 

“I think I bought it in about five minutes.”  

With such an illuminating sparkle, it’s pretty safe to say that Ella’s man made the right choice. Well done Nick! 

Ella and Nick #LoveShiels Proposal Story

The pair who met while navigating the world of online dating is on track to say I do in April 2022 (COVID permitting, of course), with the wedding plans swiftly underway.

“I never realised how much actually went into a wedding until I started planning one myself, but it’s been fun,” says Ella. 

Emma and Nick are now in the phase of choosing their wedding rings. Join them on their ring shopping journey at Shiels by checking out the video below!

Be sure to keep up with Ella and Nick's wedding journey by following Smiley Citrus on Instagram and YouTube

Congratulations Ella and Nick! 

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