What Is The August Birthstone?

What Is The August Birthstone?

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What is the august birthstone? Great question! As the eighth month of the year rolls around, it is now the peridot birthstone’s time to shine — preferably in your jewellery! For all the August babies out there, it’s time to channel your inner Meghan Markle and make others see GREEN!

So, without further ado, let’s put the August birthstone into the spotlight.

What Is The August Birthstone Overview:

Origin And Significance

The origin of the term ‘peridot’ seems to be a bit blurry, even for historians. However, we know that it loosely stems from the Arabic word ‘faridat’, which translates to 'gem'.

It is one of the rarer gemstones because it only occurs in one colour: yellow-green. Even though the hues and tints of the green colour may vary, the crystal is always from the same shade family.

A fun fact for all the space lovers out there— often, peridot crystals are collected from some fallen pallasite meteorites, which explains their precious nature. As it should, because they are quite literally out of this world.

A symbol of strength, this birthstone is often called the evening emerald (thanks to its delicate, lime green appearance). It is said to give the wearer good dreams and an incredible “royal carriage”. Just look at our very own paralegal-turned-princess, Meghan Markle! Aside from her roaring Leo tendencies, she also sports a delicate peridot ring, like a lot of people with August birthdays.

But that isn’t where the special nature of peridot gemstones end. The ancient Egyptians considered it to be a healing stone. Since Egypt was the primary source of the peridot, it was called the 'Gem of the Sun'.

Peridot jewellery is said to bestow calmness and peace upon the wearer, making them bearers of the stone’s compassion. And legend or not, it definitely doesn’t hurt your outfit!

Finding And Pairing Your Peridot Jewellery

So you don’t have access to a meteorite that just landed on the planet? We got you.

Peridots are one of the few gemstones that can be styled and worn with any metal and style, and still look fabulous. Here are 4 top tips for finding your favourite peridot jewellery:

1. Matching Metals And Skin Tone

All metals have different shades and hues, and everyone has that one kind that looks the best with their skin tone. The best way to find yours is by checking out our blog post: Which jewellery metal is the best for my skin tone.

Luckily, this birthstone’s colour allows it to be paired with any metal, making it look as grand or as subtle as you want it to be. You can get an idea of how it looks against different metals by checking out the image below (both of these peridot rings are available at Shiels!)

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond + Peridot Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond + Peridot Ring

$434.50 $834.00

Featuring a unique peridot, this diamond and peridot ring is perfect for when you need to make a statement. Crafted in 9ct gold, the period s cushion cut, surrounded by 6 sparkling diamonds. Please contact us regarding special order enquiries… read more

2. Think Outside The Box 

Not everyone likes flaunting their birthstone on their hands, and thanks to the versatility of jewellery designers, you don’t have to either! They can be styled beautifully with your turtlenecks this winter in the form of delicate studs. Or in summer, they can add a special something to the pendant worn with your sundress — like the peridot pendants shown below.

Want to add more colours? Wear your peridot with other gemstones! Our tree of life jewellery combines multiple gemstones and has a beautiful significance; read our blog post about tree of life jewellery to find out more.

9ct Yellow Gold Peridot 4mm Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Peridot 4mm Stud Earrings

$99.00 $259.00

Featuring sparkling peridots, we love these gorgeous earrings. Crafted in 9ct yellow gold, the stunning earrings are perfect for the days when you need some extra colour.… read more

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Peridot Pendant

$228.99 $408.99

This stunning 9ct Gold Diamond Peridot Pendant is sure to give you calm, peace of mind and protection. Peridot is well known for its healing properties including increasing vitality, reducing anxiety as well as serving as a symbol of protection,… read more

3. Something Peridot For Every Outfit

Make it subtle, and pair it right. Your peridot doesn’t have to be the source of bling in your outfit; it can be the piece that ties it all together. After all, that’s what work-appropriate jewellery is all about!

Wearing a peridot piece doesn’t have to be standalone. You can add other gemstones to it too! Look for colour combinations you like and pair ‘em with every look — like Hayden Panettiere below!

what is the august birthstone: Hayden Panettiere wearing the August birthstone, peridot

4. Meaningful Gifts For August Babies

A peridot ring is an ideal birthstone engagement ring for your significant someone who is born in August! Or the perfect gift for your mum, sister, or friend (without the engagement part!)

Keep An Eye Out For

Gemstones like the peridot derive their worth and quality from the 4 C’s:

Cut: Which defines the shape and style of the stone, along with the way it appears. The cut of the stone also impacts the price, since the size is considerably impacted by the cut of the stone.

Colour: The colour of the stone is the most important part of the gemstone, especially in the case of the peridot wherein the colour remains constant, irrespective of the light source on it. The gemstones with brilliant colour carry their own kind of radiance, which is amply evident.

Clarity: The appearance of the stone is totally dependent on the clarity because without clarity comes a ring that is cloudy and dull. A lack of lustre is definitely not a way to go! So lookout for this little quality in your gemstone.

Carat: The carat of a gemstone is the unit of weight, and is usually the way it is measured.

To learn more about the 4 C’s of your birthstone, check out the blog post on affordable engagement rings and other gemstone hacks. And this August, go green! If you want to learn more about the other birthstones, you can check out our Gemstones Guide.

What The Other Birthstones Are:

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