Men's Guide To Rings

Men's Guide To Rings

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Use our men's guide to rings to find our all you need to know about gents rings! Men's ring have been prevalent throughout history for 1000's of years now. They signify wealth, privilege and marital status, but not only that - they look awesome as well! If you are into your men's rings or you simply want to find out more, read our handy guide. 

There is more to men's jewellery than just luxury watches. Men's rings are a great way to express yourself and with rings available in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and tungsten, you can choose a ring for every occasion. But before you do that, let's explore: 


How To Wear Men's Rings

There is no specific rule for which finger to wear a certain men's ring on. However, where your ring ends up should be governed by your taste. If you are just getting into men's jewellery, we recommend finding a ring that will fit on your pinky finger. This is because the pinky finger is essentially decorative, which means it won't get in the way when you're doing things with your hands. 

Alternatively, a thumb ring is a great way to make a statement. Why? Because your thumb is so big that it's going to need a big ring! You'll stand out wherever you are. However, they are less common. 

Ring fingers are normally reserved for that special wedding ring. They are usually your last port of call if the rest of your hand is full. We recommend waiting until that special someone comes along. 

Index fingers are historically reserved for more prominent rings. It has the space to make a statement, but you don't want to restrict the movement of your 'pointer' finger.  

Last, but not least, the middle finger is your largest finger so anything dainty is going to get lost. If you are game enough to wear a ring on your middle finger, we recommend something with a medium profile. But don't worry, we will take you through our top picks later on in this mans guide to wearing rings blog. 

If you would like to find out more about specific fingers, you can check out our quick guide to choosing which finger to wear a ring on. 

How to wear men's rings from our men's ring guide

How To Measure Ring Size Men

It's easy to measure your men's ring size at Shiels! You can come in-store and one of our expert staff members will measure your finger and point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you can purchase a ring multisizer. Working just like a belt, you can slip the multisizer onto your finger, adjust for a comfortable fit and read off the size indicated by the arrow.

Ring Multisizer

Ring Multisizer


This multisizer ring sizing gauge is is world famous for good reason! Working just like a belt, slip rthe multisizer onto your finger, adjust for a comfortable fit and read off the size indicated by the arrow.… read more

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, most men only wear a wedding band. However, in recent times, engagement rings for men have increased in popularity. Some men like to wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their impending marriage. The syle of your men's engagement ring is entirely up to you. Typically, men often go for a ring that looks like a wedding band but has diamonds set into it. 

Our Top Picks For Men's Rings

When it comes to men's rings, Shiels is your one-stop-shop. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, so there is something for every man and his unique style. With rings available in sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and tungsten, you can choose a ring for every occasion. You can dress up your evening wear with stunning yellow gold diamond embedded rings or choose our more subtle, yet strong tungsten rings for everyday wear. 

Don't know where to start? Let us choose some of our favourites. 

The Forte Tungsten 8mm Ring pictured below is perfect for your thumb. It features a unique pattern in a charcoal hue which is the perfect everyday wear. If black is not your thing, it also comes in a silver variant

Forte Tungsten 8mm Ring

Forte Tungsten 8mm Ring

$49.99 $99.99

This beautiful man’s ring has a black dual-tone finish that stands out on his finger. The simple design makes it easy to wear even for a man just beginning to embrace jewellery. Suiting all outfits the minimalist design can be… read more

The Sterling Silver Diamond Ring is another great alternative if you want something with a little more bling. It is set with three stunning diamonds to add a little sparkle to your finger. Just enough that it is not too much. 

Sterling Silver x3 Diamond Set Gents Ring

Sterling Silver x3 Diamond Set Gents Ring

$89.99 $139.99

This sterling silver and diamond ring features three diamonds set in a masculine design, with elegance and shine. The perfect engagement ring for a man, the ring has a modern design and high-quality construction, presenting excellent value.  This ring is… read more

If you want to make more of a statement and you are into your gold, look no further than the 9ct Yellow Gold Onyx 14x12mm Gents Ring! It is perfect for your index finger, however, it is on the large side so you'll need to be aware of its size. 

9ct Yellow Gold Onyx 14x12mm Gents Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Onyx 14x12mm Gents Ring


Please contact us regarding special order enquiries for this ring. All ring sizes can be specially ordered, with delivery approximately 6-8 weeks.… read more

There is also the 10 Points of Diamond Gents Ring in Sterling Silver which provides another statement on your finger! Just look at all those diamonds.. Why wouldn't you want to show it off? 

10 Points of Diamond Gents Ring in Sterling Silver

10 Points of Diamond Gents Ring in Sterling Silver

$189.50 $339.00

Embody style and power with this breathtaking Diamond Gents Ring. Made from hypoallergenic sterling silver and featuring 10 points of brilliant cut diamonds, it oozes confident, masculine suave.… read more

Now you know everything about men's rings, its time to shop our range. We have free shipping on all orders over $69, and you can pay your way! We offer a range of finance options: humm, LayBuy, LatitudePay, Latitude Interest Free, Klarna, AfterPay, PayPal, and Zip. Or shop in-store at any of our locations across Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia.

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