What Is The January Birthstone?

What Is The January Birthstone?

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What is the January birthstone? Find out all you need to know right here! 

Born in January? You have the chance to start the year off with a bang by adding some attractive and fiery pieces to your wardrobe. And what better way to add that warm glimmer than with the brilliance of your very own January birthstone: the garnet!

The garnet is available in a variety of colours, but the most vied for and rarest of the lot, is the deep red Bohemian shade. If that happens to be your favourite, then count yourself lucky, because not only do we have them in nearly every design, but we also have an extensive collection of garnet jewellery. After all, who doesn’t want the enchanting sparkle of deep red? 

So, let’s take a closer look at this birthstone and all that makes it super special. Looking for other birthstones? Check out our birthstones guide

What is the january birthstone: celebrity influence

What Is The January birthstone Overview

The history And Significance

This birthstone has a long and interesting history. The word “garnet” comes from the 14th century English word “gernet”, which means "dark red." The word is derived from the Latin word “granatum”, which means "seed," and is so-called because of the resemblance of the gemstone to the beautiful red seeds of the pomegranate fruit.

Curious about the health benefits of your garnet jewellery? According to Indian astrology, garnet helps to free the wearer from negative feelings (like sadness and guilt) and increase self-confidence and mental clarity in order to nurture creative thinking and peace of mind. In fact, garnet’s reputation for having healing properties originates from ancient and medieval times. It was believed that garnet was a cure for inflammatory diseases.

In certain traditions, it is believed that it can help to soothe an angry temperament. The garnet also symbolises a profound and lasting friendship. Which, in our opinion, makes it the perfect gift to give someone whose friendship you value deeply.

Properties of the Garnet

Today, the African continent supplies much of the world’s garnet. Various types of garnet range from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that this birthstone is more susceptible to damage than rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

So while not all garnets are good candidates for daily wear, they are ideal for special occasion garnet pendants.

4 Ways To Wear Garnet Jewellery


Now you know what the birthstone is, you can always flaunt the versatility of it through a pretty garnet necklace that truly captures the attention of others.

Pair your garnet necklace with a simple and plain outfit, or with colours that complement it perfectly (such as yellow, green, blue and black). Either way, with such cute and affordable birthstone jewellery, you cannot go wrong.

What is the january birthstone: necklaces


The best part about garnet rings is that they are made for every occasion! Versatile, richly coloured and gorgeously designed, these rings are the kind that could go from boardroom to ballroom real quick. Speaking of, you can check out our post on Work-Appropriate Jewellery if you need some help accessorising for work!

Popping the big question or want to surprise your partner with the perfect gift? Garnet rings make gorgeous engagement rings, especially for those born in January! We also have a stunning range of cocktail ring designs that are perfect for any occasion or outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals and gemstones either!

It’s so important that you style your rings correctly. To help you out, read our guide on Which Rings to Wear on What Finger!

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Gents Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Gents Ring

$739.00 $1,739.00

This 9ct Yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Gents Ring has a mesmerising thickness and eye-like design. Its oval cut garnet is a truly beautiful tone, with a gorgeous deep colour and vibrance to match. This fancy stone is surrounded by… read more

9ct Yellow Gold 8mm 2.85 Carat Cushion Cut Garnet Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 8mm 2.85 Carat Cushion Cut Garnet Ring

$484.50 $934.00

Please contact us regarding special order enquiries for this ring. All ring sizes can be specially ordered, with delivery approximately 6-8 weeks.… read more


Be it a casual occasion that calls for delicate stud earrings or a night out that warrants the glamorous look of garnet drop earrings - the glimmering red of this gemstone is a timeless look that never fails.

For some extra pizzazz, you could try our garnet earrings with glamorous yellow gold. Or elevate your style with a pair of garnet stud earrings.

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet Pear Drop Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet Pear Drop Earrings

$149.50 $299.00

With two sparkling garnets, we love these 9ct yellow gold earrings for a twist on a classic.… read more

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet 4mm Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Garnet 4mm Stud Earrings

$119.00 $259.00

9ct yellow gold garnet 4mm stud earrings are subtle but bold, perfect to be worn and enjoyed all year round. This beautiful pair of stud earrings features a garnet stone set in a 4-prong claw that adds a splash of… read more


Want to wear this on your wrist? Our garnet bracelets are perfect for you! The heart-shaped bracelet featured below has a particularly romantic and classy appeal.

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Garnet Belcher Bracelet

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Garnet Belcher Bracelet

$569.00 $1,149.00

The impeccable design and intricacy of this 9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Garnet Belcher Bracelet is apparent the moment you lay eyes on it. Fall in love with sweeping yellow gold leaves and embellishment that perfectly accentuate it’s red garnet… read more

Find out more about these stones in our gemstones guide.

What The Other Birthstones Are:

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