A Look Into Celebrity Diamonds

A Look Into Celebrity Diamonds

Emily Schinella Emily Schinella
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When it comes to fashion and jewellery trends, no one is more influential than the world's rich and famous. Whether your favourite celeb is splashed all over the front pages of some glossy magazine or blowing up your news feed at their latest red carpet appearance, we can't help but be at least a little inspired by what they like and most importantly, what they are wearing. From glamourous movie stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively or Zendaya to chart-topping pop stars like Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Beyonce, as well as a whole bevvy of high fashion supermodels and Instagram stars including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. everyone has that famous person that they look to for fashion inspiration, especially in the jewellery and accessories department. 

Jewellery, in particular, is a big commodity for celebrities and with stars having access to some of the best diamond jewellery collections in the world, they've definitely given us a lot to aspire to. When we're not fawning over their amazing engagement rings, we are lusting over some of the amazing jewels that they are rocking on the red carpet and attempting to emulate them for ourselves. So, from Audrey Hepburn's iconic diamond necklace moment in Breakfast At Tiffany's to Elizabeth Taylor's sizeable collection, read on as we unpack some of the best celebrity diamonds in pop culture history from the red carpet and beyond. Plus, we'll spill the details on how you can get your favourite star's look for much less. 

Celebrity Diamonds | Overview

Our Favourite Celebrity Diamonds: 

Lady Gaga's Yellow Diamond Pendant

Known for her quirky sense of fashion and her epic red-carpet appearances, the multi-hyphenate singer, Lady Gaga certainly knows how to make an entrance. Whether she’s showing up being carried in a giant egg or wearing a dress made entirely out of raw meat, everyone looks forward to seeing how the star will top her last red carpet appearance. So, when she showed up to the 2019 Oscars nominated for Best Actress and Best Original Song, saying our jaws collectively dropped is an understatement. Arriving in a black corsetted Alexander McQueen number with a matching pair of black leather gloves, Gaga’s look was a bit more understated than many of her usual get-ups.

Celebrity Diamonds | Lady Gaga

Sure, it was incredibly glamorous, but it also showed there was some separation between Gaga the multi-platinum recording artist and Gaga-the actress. However, there were still sprinkles of classic Lady Gaga in there, particularly in the accessories. Fashioned around her neck was an epic 287-carat, yes 287, diamond pendant. Flanked by a series of brilliant round-cut and cushion-cut diamonds, the Tiffany piece features a massive 128-carat yellow cushion-cut diamond that was found in South Africa’s Kimberly Mine and sold to the brand back in 1877. Reportedly worth $30 million, the necklace has only been worn three times. Once by Audrey Hepburn in promotion shots for Breakfast At Tiffany’s, then by Gaga and only recently by Beyonce in an advertising campaign for the brand. 

14ct Yellow Gold 1/2 Carat Diamond On 40cm Chain

14ct Yellow Gold 1/2 Carat Diamond On 40cm Chain


Elevate your elegance with our 14ct Yellow Gold 1/2 Carat Diamond Pendant on a 40cm Chain, a stunning embodiment of timeless luxury and sophistication. Meticulously crafted, this pendant features a dazzling 1/2 carat diamond with a mesmerising mixed cut that… read more

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Elizabeth Taylor's Krupp Diamond Ring

Over her impressive 50+ year career, Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor took on some of the most iconic film roles in movie history including Cleopatra and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. However, her incredible diamond collection is perhaps what she is most known for today. Infamous for her eight marriages including two to the same man, the star's most well-known piece of jewellery is the diamond engagement ring from her two-time husband. Often regarded as one of the actress' greatest loves, the ring that Mr Burton gave really epitomises just how deep their love for one another ran. Referred to as the Krupp Diamond (until after her death in 2011 when it became known as 'The Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring'), this large cushion-cut diamond weighs a huge 33.19 carats according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). And, my oh my...talk about a rock!

Celebrity Diamonds | Elizabeth Taylor

Designed by French jeweller Cartier, the cushion-cut engagement ring has exceptional colour and clarity that some experts believe could be flawless grade. The diamond ring was given to her by the Welsh actor after he proposed a second time in 1968 where it served as a reminder of their unconditional love for each other along with their overly extravagant lifestyle. The pair were previously engaged in 1964 but would later separate before rekindling their relationship again in 1968. Sadly, Liz and Dick's love story wasn't to be and the marriage would come to its demise for good in 1974 when the two split for good. Despite this, Liz continued to sport the ring as a dress ring affectionately referred to as her ice-skating rink. Following the star's passing the ring continues to live on and was recently sold at auction to a private buyer for an eye-watering $168,000,000.  

Sterling Silver thomas Sabo Magic Stone Zirconia ring

Sterling Silver thomas Sabo Magic Stone Zirconia ring


Go out in style with this Sterling Silver Thomas Sabo Magic Stone Zirconia ring that is sure to impress. Perfect for adding a hint of glamour to any outfit, this ring is an understated piece. Crafted in Germany by top… read more

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Beyonce's Diamond Chandelier Drop Earrings

Beyoncé's appearance at the 2005 Oscars left a lasting impression not only for her show-stopping performance but also for her stunning red carpet look which can only be described as Old Hollywood Glamour. Rocking a simple yet elegant,  black velvet body-hugging strapless gown designed by Atelier Versace, Beyonce looked like a goddess. But while her outfit will go down as one of the best Oscar looks of all time, it was her diamond jewellery that we still find ourselves lusting over all these years later. Namely, her dazzling chandelier-style diamond drop earrings. Designed to jeweller-to-the-stars, Lorraine Schwartz (who also designed Beyonce's emerald-cut engagement ring from husband Jay-Z), Lorraine is known for her opulent and exquisitely designed creations and these earrings are a true testament to that. Pairing perfectly with her slicked-back half-up, half-down hairstyle, the diamond earrings were a true match for Beyoncé's glamorous ensemble, enhancing her radiant beauty and commanding the attention of all. 

Celebrity Diamonds | Beyonce

Featuring an array of pear-cut and brilliant round-cut diamonds that hung in a cluster, we're certain Beyonce would've had sensitive lobes after wearing these earrings as they weighed an astounding 120 carats. Set in platinum, the diamond handkerchief mesh earrings shimmered from all angles as they delicately cascaded down Beyonce's neckline. The choice to wear such magnificent earrings was a testament to Beyoncé's bold and confident style, solidifying her status as a fashion icon. Not only were these earrings a stunning visual spectacle, but they paired effortlessly with the pave-style diamond bracelet Beyonce also chose to rock with her all-black ensemble. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce's accompanying diamond bracelet also featured white brilliant round-cut diamonds and a platinum setting, creating the perfect monochromatic look for the occasion. 

9ct Superb White Gold Diamond Drop Flutter Earrings

9ct Superb White Gold Diamond Drop Flutter Earrings


Uniquely designed, this glamorous pair of 9ct superb white gold diamond drop earrings are perfect to embellish your outfit. These drop earrings are crafted in white gold and feature sparkling diamonds that catch the light perfectly from every angle. The… read more

Celine Dion's Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

Celine Dion has produced many great bangers in her long, illustrious and at times record-breaking career, but she will always be most known for penning the anthem My Heart Will Go On for James Cameron's hit-1997 film, Titanic. The song is constantly featured on lists for the best movie soundtracks of all time, so it was no surprise that Celine Dion was one of many nominations that the film received at the 1998 Academy Awards. Before taking home the gold for Best Original Song, Celine Dion dazzled Oscars attendees and the world with a live performance of the hit song. However, it wasn't only her powerhouse vocals that left a last impression when the singer took the stage. Rocking a black, figure-hugging Michael Kors turtleneck gown, Celine accessorised the minimalistic long-sleeved gown with an epic heart necklace featuring a radiant blue diamond. This wasn't just any ordinary diamond necklace, however, as movie buffs will recognise it as the necklace featured in the film. Known as the 'Heart of the Ocean', the heart pendant which is sat on a platinum diamond chain plays a significant role in the film's plot and is therefore one of the most recognisable jewels in cinema history. 

A Look Into Celebrity Diamonds | Celine Dion

In the film, the necklace is said to be around 56 carats and features a very rare blue diamond once owned by Louis XVI before it was recut into its elegant heart shape. If the piece were to exist in real life, diamond experts believe it would be worth somewhere in the north of half a billion dollars. The design of the necklace was inspired by the real-life Hope Diamond, a 45.52-carat light blue diamond from India with a purported value of over $521 million. To celebrate the film, director James Cameron had a replica reproduced which is the one that Celine wore on the night. Featuring a halo of brilliant cut diamonds and a 15-carat blue diamond, the necklace was designed by iconic American jeweller Harry Winston and was later sold at auction for a much more modest $4 million. Actress Gloria Stuart who was nominated for her role as Rose in her later years also showed up a diamond pendant inspired by the film albeit in a larger, emerald-cut pendant featuring an even rarer blue diamond worth around $26 million. 

Sterling Silver Zirconia Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver Zirconia Heart Pendant

$49.99 $99.99

Stunning in design, this beautiful blue Zirconia heart pendant is elegantly shaped well. Highlighted by a border of white Zirconia, this pendant also features white Zirconia on the bail, raising the bar of class. Matching earrings also available.… read more

Victoria Beckham's Coordinating Diamond Bracelets 

Since her days as a Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has been known for her impeccable sense of fashion. From her little Gucci dresses to her signature designer shades, the singer-turned-fashion designer makes every street or red carpet her own personal runaway. So in 2016 when she attended one of the most fashionable events on the celebrity social calendar, the Cannes Film Festival, it was only to be expected that she would bring her style A game. And brought it she absolutely did. With her hair, all pushed back into a messy upstyle, Posh Spice absolutely nailed Parisian dressing with her strapless black and white jumpsuit courtesy of her own eponymous label which she accessorised with a plain black pair of pumps. As for the star's jewellery, Mrs Beckham kept things relatively minimal (something the star is quite known for in fashion) opting to wear the latest diamond halo engagement ring to be gifted by her husband, David Beckham along with a matching pair of diamond bracelets

Celebrity Diamonds | Victoria Beckham

Instantly adding glamour to her ensemble, Victoria's diamond bracelets can only be described as simple, elegant and so, so, sparkly. They are the picture of old Hollywood glam which is perhaps what makes them so perfect for an event like the Cannes Film Festival. Attending in support of her beauty collaboration with Estee Lauder, the star was a guest of honour at the events and these twinning bracelets would definitely make her feel like the Belle of the ball. Designed by French jeweller, Chopard, the diamond bracelets weren't an exact match but the criss-cross pattern embossed in both of these bracelet's designs turned them into a match made in heaven. Adorned with an array of round, pear and oval cut diamonds, the intricate bracelets were both set in white gold or platinum which was the icing on the cake of her monochromatic-designed ensemble. 

Silver 1/2 Carat Diamond 18.5cm Bracelet

Silver 1/2 Carat Diamond 18.5cm Bracelet

$299.00 $999.00

Complete your look with this Silver 1/2 Carat Diamond 18.5cm Bracelet. A half carat diamond accent adds the perfect amount of sparkle to this 18.5cm bracelet. Each one of these glimmering diamonds shines for you to reflect upon your own… read more

Nicole Kidman's Diamond Fringe Chain

A modern Hollywood icon, Aussie Nicole Kidman is a regular on the Oscars red carpet. As a one-time winner and four-time nominee, Nicole always makes a conscious effort to blow us out of the park with the ensembles she wears. Ensuring that she always emerges as a winner whether she wins the coveted gold statuette or not, and the 2008 Academy Awards were no different. The star was a vision in her 1930s flapper-inspired creation which included an elegant low-bun hairstyle, a sleek and incredibly fashion-forward black slip dress designed by Balenciaga and a pair of black peep-toe Christian Louboutin heels. However, what really made this look memorable was her stunning diamond accessories, specifically the one-of-a-kind diamond tassel necklace. Perfectly complementing the actress' couture gown, the captivating beauty of this intriguing piece immediately caught the attention of onlookers and has easily become one of the most memorable jewellery moments in recent Oscars history. 

Celebrity Diamonds | Nicole Kidman

Boasting over 7'645 rough, faceted and polished diamonds that total a whopping 1399 carats, the unique piece was created by the late American fashion designer, L'Wren Scott. Each individual was stone carefully selected by Scott and then sourced from either Paris or India to ensure that each diamond worked with the piece's bespoke design.  A team of jewellers then took over 6,200 hours to individually piece each stone onto the jewellery. Known as a sautoir, the diamond chain was designed to drape almost like a handkerchief or a scarf and to sparkle from all angles, which it naturally did. Not only was the dazzling necklace the perfect addition to Nicole's roaring-20s-inspired ensemble at the Oscars but it is a testament to the Moulin Rouge star's impeccable fashion sense, along with her status as a style icon.  

10ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond On 45cm Chain

10ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond On 45cm Chain


Embrace sparkle with this amazing 10ct White Gold 3 Carat Diamond On 45cm Chain. Crafted in the cool tones of white gold with a shiny finish and smooth lustre, this necklace is comfortable to wear. The chain is embellished with… read more

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