What Is The April Birthstone?

What Is The April Birthstone?

Andre Dcosta
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What is the April birthstone? Well, April birthstone babies get one of the most beautiful and precious gemstones as your birthstone...diamonds, of course! 

Diamonds have been around forever - billions of years to be exact - and have been adored by everyone for just as long. Take it from Marilyn Monroe, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

We could honestly talk to you about diamonds for hours - we love them so much. Diamonds are more than just beautiful, they’re an enduring symbol of everlasting love, romance and commitment as well as strength and courage, which is why diamonds are often the go-to choice for engagement and wedding rings. Even though diamonds have become synonymous with all of this, they’re still perfect to incorporate into your everyday outfit.

Keep reading to learn more about how to sparkle with diamond jewellery - from diamond rings to diamond necklaces and more!

What Is The April Birthstone Overview:

Their Meaning And History  

Diamonds have one of the longest histories of all the birthstones. Admired for years, diamonds are believed to have been traded as early as the 4th century BC. Initially, India was the world’s largest source of diamonds; however, with time, diamonds have begun to be found and mined all over the world.

For years, diamonds have captivated civilisations and mankind with their allure and sparkle. Since their discovery, they have been assigned a variety of myths, legends and folklore across the world. In the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to have healing powers and were often used to ‘cure’ infections, heart ailments and more. Kings also wore diamond-encrusted breastplates into war during ancient times to give them strength and courage.

The most romantic out of all of the myths were those of the ancient Romans and Greeks. They believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds and that diamonds had broken off of falling stars.


what is the birthstone for april - diamonds

Colours And Characteristics

Made from pure carbon, diamonds are the hardest gemstones on the planet. Primarily, diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle from extreme heat and pressure. Over time, diamonds make their way to the Earth’s surface through a special kind of volcanic eruption. Another way diamonds are formed involves the collision between Earth and an asteroid (yas really!).

Diamonds can be found in just about any shade or colour imaginable - from yellow to pink, green, blue and so much more! Currently, the rarest diamond on Earth is the red diamond. Although we all would absolutely love to have red diamonds, colourless and white diamonds are by far the most popular jewellery choice.

Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

What better way to celebrate an April baby’s birthstone than to put a ring on it! Like we’ve already said, diamonds are the most popular precious stone to be used in engagement rings and wedding rings. However, giving a loved one a diamond engagement ring when they’re born in April is even more special and personal. Whether you go for the traditional yellow gold or the modern silver or white gold, your partner is sure to love and cherish their ring for many years to come. Not sure where to start? Check out all the different diamond types and diamond cuts you can choose from!

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Luxurious Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Luxurious Ring


With 1/4 Carat of stunning diamonds, this stunning diamond engagement ring is sure to please. The diamonds, in a brilliant cut, dazzle in a cluster setting.… read more

9ct White Gold Diamond Ring Set With 14 Brilliant Diamonds

9ct White Gold Diamond Ring Set With 14 Brilliant Diamonds


This exquisite 9ct White Gold Diamond Ring Set With 14 Brilliant Diamonds is the perfect addition to any collection. It is made up of tightly twisted bands embellished with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds. With a white gold finish, it offers durability… read more

How To Style Diamond Jewellery

You simply can’t ever go wrong with diamonds - they’re classic, timeless and oh-so chic. Spoil yourself this month or someone you love with the gift of diamond jewellery! Not sure how to style jewellery or worried about going over the top? Check out our top style tips below to wear the April birthstone. We also have a diamond glossary and diamond buyers guide to give you a little bit of extra help!

Add Some Sparkle Into Your Everyday

Sometimes, your day-to-day outfit just needs a little something extra, whether you’re just running errands, catching up for coffee or heading off to work. Diamonds are the perfect way to take your look from every day to fabulous. For an understated and yet alluring look, simply pair a diamond pendant with a sophisticated diamond ring.

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Pendant


A modern take on a classic, this diamond set pendant has the perfect amount of sparkle with 2 brilliant cut diamonds. Crafted in 9ct yellow gold.… read more

Mix And Match With Other Gemstones

One of the best things about diamonds is their versatility - they go with just about everything! A beautiful way to introduce diamonds, this birhtstone into your everyday outfit or to wear to a fancy event, is to pair them with other gemstones. Wherever you go, you’ll find diamonds combined with pearls, cubic zirconias and colourful stones. Why? Because they add that much-desired sparkle and glamour of course! Simply adding in diamond and gemstone ring will instantly elevate any look or style.

9ct Yellow Gold 1.00 Carat Natural Emerald and 0.15ct Diamond Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 1.00 Carat Natural Emerald and 0.15ct Diamond Ring

$1,034.50 $2,034.00

With a stunning natural emerald surrounded by sparkling diamonds, this ring is what dreams are made of. Crafted in 9ct yellow gold. Please contact us regarding special order enquiries for this ring. All ring sizes can be specially ordered, with… read more

Ah, we love diamonds so much. Can’t you tell? Although we love celebrating birthstones, especially this birthstone, you don’t have to be born in April to rock diamonds. Spoil yourself year-round or someone you love with Shiels’ gorgeous collection of diamonds, including diamond bangles and diamond earrings too!

Each month of the year, we’re introducing everyone’s specific birthstone jewellery. Now you know what this birthstone is, you can find out about other birth months by checking out our Gemstones Guide. Now you know what is the April birthstone, click the links below to jump to another birthstone. 

What The Other Birthstones Are:

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