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Pearls for the modern woman

Pearl jewellery is the epitome of timelessness and class. However, it has also often associated with older women and thought of as something that you can’t wear everyday.

Well, we’re here to tell you that’s wrong - and show you can you can incorporate a beautiful pieces of pearl jewellery into your life. A lot of the problem lies in the fact that a lot traditional pearl pieces don’t necessarily match our modern wardrobe. The key is actually to pick updated versions of the pearl strands or classic full bracelet.

Below we run though what to look for when it comes to each pearl accessory and how to adapt them to your current looks.

Freshwater pearl studs

Pearl Studs

(Pictured: Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia + Pearl Stud Earrings / 9ct Yellow Gold White Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings / Sterling Silver Pink Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings)

Possibly the easiest piece of pearl jewellery to wear. We really love usually shaped pearls like the freshwater range - you can even get them in pink! We can’t think of one outfit that freshwater pearl studs won’t complement. If you’re stuck because you can’t decide whether white gold earrings or yellow gold earrings will suit your outfit better - why not try a simple pair of pearl stud earrings? For something a bit more dressed up, look for a pearl stud that features a statement halo like cubic zirconia or diamonds. We also love a simple pearl earring in a casual situation because it just looks like you’ve put a little effort in and finishes off the outfit.

Freshwater pearl pendant

Pearls Pendants

(Pictured: Sterling Silver Pearl Triangular Pendant9ct Yellow Gold Pearl Pendant / Sterling Silver White Freshwater Pearl Open Circle Pendant)

When you think of pearl necklaces, you tend to think of strands that your grandmother wears, but we’re here to change your mind. A simple pearl pendant is the way to go this season, especially when it’s paired with a lighter metal like sterling silver. It’s a modern take but will prove to be a timeless piece you can wear over and over again.

Alternatively, for other new-age takes on the pearl necklace, try designs where the pearls are spaced out rather than a full strand like this Sterling Silver Pearl, Bead and Zirconia Long Chain.

Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

(Pictured: 9ct Yellow Gold Cultured Pearl RIng / Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia + Freshwater Pearl Ring / 9ct Yellow Gold Exquisite Diamond + Pearl Ring)

Out of the selection of pearl jewellery we’ve talked about, pearl rings tend to be the most traditional looking. Of course, a simple pearl ring is beautiful and you can’t go wrong with something like this cubic zirconia and freshwater pearl ring but for those searching for a modern touch, look instead for unconventional shapes.

We love pearls that are nestled into settings that aren’t just your everyday simple band - opt for something like this Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Leaf Twine Ring.

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl Bracelets

(Pictured: Sterling Silver Mixed Colour Freshwater Pearl Bracelet / Sterling Silver Pearl + Zirconia Fancy Bracelet / Rose Gold Freshwater Pearl and Infinity Bracelet)

Similar to both rings and necklaces, pearl bracelets come in all different shapes but again, we should be looking for simple chains that feature pearls rather than full pearl bracelets. They’re easy to incorporate into your everyday look without being overwhelming or looking out of place. But of course, if you’re about to head off to a formal event, there’s no reason why you can’t be wearing a stunning cream freshwater pearl bracelet.

Shop Shiels’ timeless and extensive range of pearl jewellery today and add a classic touch to your modern wardrobe.

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