Solid Gold Necklaces

Discover a golden wonderland with Shiels’ divine range of long lasting solid gold necklaces. Our Australian quality products will ensure a lasting style.

Solid Gold Necklaces

Discover our collection of solid gold necklaces, including a variety of solid gold letter necklaces and solid gold chain necklaces.

Timeless Elegance: Discover Our Solid Gold Necklace Collection

Our reliable gold beauties are guaranteed to please you. With a timeless elegance, these solid gold necklaces make the perfect gift or a treat to yourself. Our carefully crafted quality solid gold necklaces are bound to impress. Our range of solid gold necklaces blend strength with elegance, making these fashion statements a must-have.

Australian Solid Gold Necklaces Perfect for Every Occasion

Our Australian-made solid gold necklaces are perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re in town or at home, a simple gold necklace will polish your look. Our quality gold necklaces are produced in Australia, ensuring quality accessories that will last up to years. Gold never goes out of style, so our solid gold necklaces will promise to keep you looking and feeling trendy. Solid gold is one the most valuable types of gold jewellery, and our selection of solid gold necklaces prioritises value. 

Shop Our Exquisite Collection & Embrace the Allure of Solid Gold

Immerse yourself in the world of gold and shop our exquisite collection with a solid gold heart necklace. A solid gold pendant necklace paired with diamonds or gemstones will also have you looking stylish. Embrace the allure of solid gold and dominate the fashion game with our variety of gold beauties. What better way to stay classy and trendy than with a quality solid gold necklace? Our range will ensure that you’ll look your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Solid Gold Jewellery?

Solid gold jewellery is a durable type of gold jewellery that is completely made with gold. Unlike gold plated jewellery, solid gold jewellery has gold running through the entire piece. Sometimes, the gold may be mixed with other metals. Solid gold jewellery is the most durable among other types of gold jewellery. This is because it does not fade or tarnish. 

How Do I Care for My Solid Gold Necklace?

Solid gold necklaces are near to impossible to tarnish, so they don’t require too much care. Caring for your solid gold necklace can be as much as cleaning it every few weeks. Household cleaning products or specific jewellery cleaning products will do the trick. If given excellent care, your solid gold necklace could last forever. If you want to know how to keep your solid gold necklace lasting, check out our gold cleaning guide

How Do I Know if My Necklace Is Solid Gold?

There are many ways to find out whether your necklace is solid gold. The following options should guide you. 

  1. Check for tarnishing; if the necklace has been tarnished, or if it is showing silver metal, it may not be solid gold.
  2. Check for stamps or hallmarks indicating purity on solid gold jewellery. If it features markings like “GP” or “GF” it would not be solid gold, but gold plated or gold filled jewellery. 
  3. Ask your jeweller; if you're still unsure about the type of gold jewellery, there is nothing wrong with contacting the place where you bought your jewellery and asking. They should be able to find the product and tell you its type. 

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