Simple Gold Necklaces

Nothing screams timeless more than our divine selection of simple gold necklaces. Crafted for durability, our gold necklaces are to adore.

Simple Gold Necklaces

Our stunning collection of simple gold necklaces ensures a special piece for everyone.

Explore Our Stunning Collection of Simple Gold Necklaces

Our stunning collection of simple gold necklaces ensures a special piece for everyone. From warm colours featuring a simple design of a gold necklace to simple bridal gold necklaces, our range is suitable for every occasion. The beauty of simple gold necklaces is their ability to work with any style. Try a gold layered necklace for some sophistication or pair it with a cute gold pendant. Our collection offers thicker chains for those who are looking for something bolder.

Your Everyday Essential: Australian Made Simple Gold Necklaces

These Australian made simple gold necklaces are versatile, meaning that they are truly an everyday essential to your outfit. Whether you want to compliment your style with a bulky simple gold necklace or a diamond initial necklace, our simple yellow gold necklaces will elevate your look. Our solid gold necklaces are known for their durability, providing an accessory that will keep you looking flawless. Our proud Australian products are made with quality materials, ensuring a pleasing jewellery experience. 

The Perfect Gift: Choose from Our Selection of Simple Necklaces

Our simple gold necklaces make the perfect gift for him or her. Our variety, from bulky chains to delicate initial necklaces, offers a gift for everyone. Gift yourself by choosing from our thoughtful selection of simple necklaces. With more value for less, our simple golf necklaces are a collection of great deals on hand. Who could say no to a warm gold necklace? Simple gold necklaces are irresistibly too good! Treat yourself or a loved one by shopping now or in store.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Simple Gold Necklace

The simplicity of our simple gold necklaces should make choosing your necklace easier. Consider your style and choose a simple gold necklace that best compliments your usual colour scheme and overall look. For example, a simple gold necklace with a pearl pendant will bring out your feminine side, whereas a thick gold necklace chain will show off your masculinity. Our range offers a variety of styles, making choosing your simple gold necklace fun.

What Types of Gold Are Used in Your Simple Gold Necklaces?

Simple gold necklaces contain many types of gold. This includes solid gold, gold filled and gold plated necklaces. Solid gold is most durable as the jewellery is entirely made with gold. Otherwise, gold filled and gold plated necklaces are cheaper and have a base metal with a layer of gold on the surface. 

The gold of a simple gold necklace may vary depending on the alloys and karats. 

How Do I Care for My Simple Gold Necklace?

Caring for your simple gold necklace can be as easy as cleaning it once every few weeks. The care required for your simple gold necklace depends on its type. Solid gold simple necklaces don’t require much care; however, gold filled and gold plated necklaces require more care, as they are more prone to tarnish. To learn how to properly take care of your gold necklace, check out our gold cleaning guide.  

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