Yellow Gold Necklaces

Enjoy the warmth of our yellow gold necklaces. With an impressive variety of designs available, our yellow gold necklaces are a mix of quality and style.

Yellow Gold Necklaces

Explore our divine range of yellow gold necklaces.

Discover Our Beautiful Yellow Gold Necklaces 

You can’t go wrong with a classic yellow gold necklace. Shiels’ yellow gold diamond necklaces and solid gold cross necklaces are the best things yet. Guaranteed to make you the trendiest person in town, our yellow gold necklaces are submerged in glamour. Discover all things beauty with our yellow gold necklaces. Bound to complement your skin and polish your outfit, our yellow gold women’s necklaces will elevate your femininity. Our yellow gold necklaces come in various thicknesses to suit men, too. Crafted to suit any outfit, our yellow gold beauties will make a perfect gift.

Australian Made: Carefully Crafted Yellow Gold Necklaces

Our Australian crafted gold plated necklaces are built for quality. Offering the most durable necklace gold types including gold filled necklaces and solid gold necklaces, Shiels understands the importance of quality. Shiels’ collection of yellow gold necklaces includes thick gold chains and petite simple gold necklaces. With a diverse range of jewellery like no other, Shiels offers something for everyone. Yellow gold necklaces can be styled with layered necklaces, making them a fun accessory to explore your style with.

Find Your Perfect Yellow Gold Necklace At Shiels 

Our yellow gold necklaces feature diamond pendants and sterling silver, meaning that you can flaunt multiple colours and get the best out of every material. You can’t get more classic and trendier than with a yellow gold necklace. Find your perfect yellow gold necklace at Shiels. Thinking of a gift for your loved one? Our collection of yellow gold necklaces are stunning sentimental gifts. Make your loved one happy with a timeless yellow gold necklace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Take My Yellow Gold Necklace for Professional Cleaning?

The need for professional cleaning depends on the quality of your yellow gold necklace. If you notice scratches on your necklace, you’re going to need professional buffs. If it has a dark build-up that feels impossible to remove, a professional jewellery cleaner will do the trick. Gold jewellery is durable, so if the piece looks tarnished, there’s a good chance that it is gold plated. Solid gold and gold filled jewellery will rarely require a professional clean.

How Can I Prevent My Yellow Gold Necklace From Tangling?

You can prevent your yellow gold necklace from tangling by storing it separately from other necklaces or bits of string. A good tip is to use a plastic bag or cling wrap to store your necklace separately. If you’re layering your yellow gold necklace, wear it at a different length to avoid it from intertwining.

Can I Get My Yellow Gold Necklace Repaired if It Gets Damaged?

Yes, yellow gold necklaces can often be repaired. There are various methods and techniques available depending on the extent of the damage. To get your damaged yellow gold necklace repaired, we recommend contacting our customer support team for the best course of action.

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