Gold Layered Necklaces

Explore our range of divine gold layered necklaces, where elegance meets style, making our necklaces a must-have in your jewellery collection.

Gold Layered Necklaces

You can’t go wrong with Shiels’ carefully selected range of irresistible gold layered necklaces. At Shiels, we are dedicated to providing high-quality gold layered necklaces made with love.

Discover The Elegance of Gold Layered Necklaces

Our collection of gold layered necklaces includes an impressive variety of solid gold necklaces and gold letter necklaces, ensuring a piece for everyone!

Who could say no to Shiels’ charming gold-filled necklaces? These are irresistible and will rest comfortably against your neck. 

Authentic, divine and timeless are the three words to describe our range of gold necklaces. Shiels’ gold plated necklaces are on trend, and our variety of different lengths ensures a necklace fit for every neck. 

Australian Made & Thoughtfully Crafted From Quality Gold 

Our necklaces are Australian-made with quality gold and can be embraced with any outfit, making them a must-have in your jewellery collection. 

Whether you want to spice up your style or add a touch of gold with our simple gold necklaces, Shiels’ collection will guarantee to make you stand out.

The beauty of layered necklaces rests in its ability to add dimension to any outfit. Our rich gold colours radiate positivity, ensuring compliments your way. 

The Perfect Gift: Choose from Our Selection of Gold Layered Necklaces

A gold layered necklace makes the perfect treat for yourself or a gift to a friend. Our range includes quality solid gold necklaces for those who want to wear something extra special and durable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gold Layered Necklace?

A gold layered necklace is a simple gold chain that can be layered and paired with other chains on the neck. In other words, gold layered necklaces allow you to wear multiple necklaces while looking stylish. Some gold layered necklaces feature small pendants, whereas others may just be a simple chain. This allows necklaces to be layered with minimal style.

How Do I Care for My Gold Layered Necklace?

Taking care of your gold layered necklace is important, as the care can impact its lifespan. If taken care of properly, solid gold necklaces
and gold filled necklaces should last about ten to thirty years, whereas gold plated necklaces should last about two years.

Caring for your gold layered necklace is as simple as cleaning it every few weeks. Household products can do the trick. To maintain your clean, shiny gold necklace, keep it in a cool and dry place when you are not wearing it. This will help to prevent tarnish. Check out our gold cleaning guide to learn more about how to take proper care of your gold necklace.

Another way to keep your gold layered necklace sparkling is by removing it before swimming and showering. Water and chlorine may
discolour the gold layered necklace over time.

What Are the Different Styles of Gold Layered Necklaces?

There are three common types of gold necklaces in Shiels’ collection of gold layered necklaces: gold filled, gold plated and solid gold.

Gold filled necklaces are made by bonding gold to a base metal.

Gold plated necklaces are produced with chemicals or electricity to deposit a thin layer of gold over another metal. This process is also very common with silver. 

Solid gold necklaces are crafted without a base metal, making this type of necklace more durable and valuable. Solid gold has various purities and may be mixed with other metals such as copper and silver.

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