Enjoy The Sparkle Of Our Best Pave Engagement Rings

Enjoy The Sparkle Of Our Best Pave Engagement Rings

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Pave engagement rings are exactly as the name suggests. It is a ring that is ‘paved’ with diamonds that are set closely together with tiny beads of metal that secure the stones in place. During crafting, these rings attempt to have as little metal visible as possible. This is because the pave setting is all about the diamond and elevating its sparkle. Similar to the cluster engagement ring, a pave engagement ring can be a more affordable way to adorn a high carat of diamonds. 

These engagement rings are elegant, sparkly and a different take on the traditional engagement ring. They are a great option for those who work with their hands alot or aren't used to wearing rings, as these rings do not have a high setting. 

Whether you’re looking for gold engagement rings, silver engagement rings or white gold engagement rings, then do not worry, you can find a pave engagement ring to suit your needs. A unique way to adorn a diamond engagement ring, look no further than one of our beautiful pieces that are available online and in-store at Shiels.

Our Best Pave Engagement Rings:

Our Favourite Pave Engagement Rings:

1. 14ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver Pave Diamond Ring

This minimalistic ring has an amazing sparkle with the pave stones that line the top of the ring. To really dazzle from every angle, look no further than this stunning piece. Crafted in the warm hues of yellow gold that look amazing against the diamonds, this ring is a marvellous engagement piece. If you work with your hands a lot, you may not want a ring that protrudes outwards, so this could be a great option.

2. 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with 17 Brilliant Pave Set Diamonds

An interesting design, this diamond pave ring would make a great wedding ring or engagement ring. Featuring both yellow gold and white gold, with a split shank that intertwines together, this ring is unique. Not only this, but it is embellished with an amazing array of 17 beautiful diamonds that glitter in the light. Modern and contemporary, this ring would also make a stylish eternity ring too!

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with 17 Brilliant Pave Set Diamonds

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with 17 Brilliant Pave Set Diamonds


Take a unique twist on a classic design with this stunning 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Ring with 17 Brilliant Pave Set Diamonds. Delicate details in the cut out design of the ring gives this diamond ring a unique edge. Embedded… read more

3. 10ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Pave Ring

A real showstopper, this pave ring is sure to turn heads. From every angle this ring will catch the eyes of those around you. Complete with various stripes of varying patterns and diamond cuts, this ring gets more interesting each time you look at it. Complete with the warm reflections of 9ct yellow gold, this ring is a real statement piece. If you’re looking for extravagance without a high set stone, then this piece is a fantastic option.

10ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Pave Ring

10ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Pave Ring


10ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Pave Ring… read more

4. 10ct White Gold 2 Carat Diamond Pave Ring

Enjoy an amazing 2 carats of diamonds with this wonderful pave ring. Amazing stones sparkle and reflect against one another to create a beautiful array of shine. The design has an overlapping illusion that is contemporary and unique. A traditional pave piece that has a fun, subtle twist. Not only this, but you can enjoy the wonderful shiny lustre of 10ct white gold. A ring that stands out from the rest, you can be sure to sparkle indefinitely with this piece.

Have you found your forever piece yet? If you want to rock dazzling diamonds, then you should consider the ever stunning pave engagement ring. 

Pave setting not for you? Do not fear! There are a variety of different engagement rings to choose from such as cushion cut engagement rings, emerald cut engagement rings, pear engagement rings, cluster engagement rings and princess cut engagement rings, all with their own characteristics, charms and features. 

For those wanting to stray from the traditional diamond engagement ring, explore our magical range of gemstone engagement rings. With a huge range of colours and gems to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether you are looking for the vivid tones of emerald engagement rings, the dreamy hues of aquamarine engagement rings or the fiery attitude of a ruby engagement ring - we have unmissable styles and designs available.

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