What Is Tree Of Life Jewellery & Why Is It Significant?

What Is Tree Of Life Jewellery & Why Is It Significant?

Andre Dcosta
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So with different jewellery trends coming and going, you might have noticed a little nature-inspired piece pop up on your radar. We’re talking about Tree of Life jewellery.

Far from just being a pretty piece of jewellery, the Tree of Life actually has a lot of meaning behind it. With strong ties to Christianity, spirituality and philosophy, there are a lot of different reasons why so many people gravitate towards this piece of symbolism.

You’ll often find it depicted as a large tree with spreading branches and roots that reach down, contained within a circle. It commonly comes in pendant form on a necklace, but has seen popularity as bracelets and earrings as well.

While fashion and trends come and go, the significance of the Tree of Life jewellery - which has been around for a very long time - doesn’t. So you know when you invest in one of these pieces, you’ll be able to wear it for life.

Despite having ties to religion, there are also a lot of other meaningful (and secular) reasons behind why people choose to wear Tree of Life jewellery. If you’re looking for a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection, read on the learn more about how the Tree of Life can add to your life.


What Is Tree Of Life Jewellery?

One of the biggest meanings behind the tree of life is how everything in the world is interconnected. The circle represents the world while the tree branches and roots stand for everything in it and how it all links up. We aren’t an island, after all.

A tree of life bracelet can be a great representation of connection and the pendant links with the chain and follow your wrist around. It’s also a subtle piece that can be worn daily.

Get the look:

9ct Dicut 19cm Tree Of Life Bracelet

9ct Dicut 19cm Tree Of Life Bracelet


Make a lovely addition to your jewellery collection, set in 9ct gold with a two tone diamond cut finish. This beautiful bracelet can be worn with a matching pendant from the same "Tree of life" family. Bracelet length - 19cm,… read more

Why Wear Tree Of Life Jewellery?

Another big reason for wearing the Tree of Life is to represent links between family. With its stretching branches and roots, it signifies the family tree and the links between generations. Similar to interconnectedness, the intricate branches show that we are connected through ever-expanding branches of family. In some cultures and religions, it also represents fertility.

Great choices for family include pieces that they can wear every day. Maybe a silver tree of life pendant necklace with gemstones for the younger family members, or alternatively any sterling silver tree of life pendant are durable everyday pieces that won't be ruined by regular wear and tear. For older family members like a grandparent, lockets that can also hold photos of your loved ones are a beautiful and sentimental choice.

tree of life jewellery pendants

Get the look:

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Tree of Life Oval Locket

9ct Yellow Gold Silver Filled Tree of Life Oval Locket


We love this unique Tree of Life locket. A twist on a classic, 9ct yellow gold filled oval locket will bring strength and wisdom.… read more

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Tree Of Life & Round Disc Pendant

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Tree Of Life & Round Disc Pendant


This sentimental Tree of Life and round disc pendant are sure to please. Crafted in sterling silver and sparkling cubic zirconias.… read more

Sold out

Tree Of Life Pendant Meanings

The meaning of the tree of life pendant biology, Greek philosophy, Judaism and Christianity. It depicts the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense. The tree symbolises the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. Learn a little more below.

Growth & Strength

Many wearers seek strength in the tree of life. A growing tree implants its roots deep within the ground, and uses this stability and strength to grow upwards. Think of it as a metaphor for being grounded and stable first before being able to grow and learning to love yourself.

For great symbols of strength, look for bolder pieces of jewellery. We don’t necessarily mean in colour but rather, maybe a sterling silver chain statement bracelet or something that has thicker strands to remind you of the strength you have. You can then pair it back with simple silver rings to complete the look.

Get the look:

Sterling Silver Belcher Tree Of Life Heart Puff Padlock 19cm Bracelet

Sterling Silver Belcher Tree Of Life Heart Puff Padlock 19cm Bracelet

$99.50 $199.00

This sterling silver belcher puff padlock bracelet features a Tree of Life heart. Crafted in sterling silver.… read more


We’re all familiar with the fact that trees lose their leaves during the autumn and find new life in spring. For this reason, the tree of life for many is a symbol for a fresh start on life, good health and a brighter future - and who can disagree with that?

For those looking to remind themselves of a new start, opt for subtle pieces you can wear every day as a constant personal reminder to yourself. A beautiful rose gold tree of life necklace will complement outfit choices that range from casual to dressy. Or maybe you're more a ring person, in that case a sterling silver tree of life ring might be more along your alley.  In the end, anything in the form of a simple chain necklace is easy to wear every day along with a simple pair of earrings, if you're looking to double up on the symbolism.

Whether you’re looking for something unique for your next addition to your collection or want something with meaning, don’t go any further than Shiels’ Tree of Life Jewellery, one of the leading collections available online in Australia.

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