What Is a Signet Ring & Why Is It a Must-Have?

What Is a Signet Ring & Why Is It a Must-Have?

Nicole Di Palo
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If you’re the kind of girl who walks down the pavement with earphones on and feels like she’s in a music video, your inner drama queen deserves the jewellery counterpart of your very cinematic imagination. What might that be? Well, a signet ring, of course!

And for those of you out there asking what is a signet ring and why is it the most appropriate staple jewellery option for you - this is your one-stop guide to everything signet ring related.


What is a signet ring?

A signet ring is a ring with a flat ‘face’, which is then engraved with markings that identify the wearer as part of a family or club. Signet rings have a long history. In fact, the word ‘signet’ comes from the Latin word for ‘sign’.

Signet ring meanings

Traditionally, the meaning of signet rings was to demonstrate not just nobility, but status. They got their importance from their engraved designs, usually the family crest, the monogrammed initials of the person they were made for, or the family’s initials passed down from generation to generation.

Considered to be a precious heirloom, signet rings were seen as highly valuable and were often used by influential people (usually men) to sign documents (by pressing their design into wax) or to show they belonged to an influential/powerful family or dynasty.

what is a signet ring? a woman wearing 3 gold signet rings on her right hand.

What do signet rings mean if you’re female?

The meaning of signet rings has changed since they were used by men to seal and sign documents. Now, signet rings are often given to either males or females to mark an individual’s “coming of age”. They have come to symbolise the transition from childhood to adulthood. 

In recent years, signet rings have become a staple of women’s fashion due to their ability to be completely unique to their owner. Once engraved, these rings represent their wearer. Whether it be a monogram, a symbol, or a special date, the meaning of a signet ring is whatever the wearer wants it to be. 

5 Reasons Why Signet Rings Are So Hot Right Now

1. They Go With Almost Everything!

Because female signet rings are less bulky and boxy (and of course, available in a much larger variety), you can pick one that matches literally everything.

Since it’s so rare to find those few pieces of affordable jewellery that do not clash or take away from an outfit, the signet ring deserves to be celebrated! So, what is a signet ring you ask? A ring that embodies class, style and sophistication! We’ve picked some of our dainty favourites, which you can see below.

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Round Flat Signet Ring

Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Round Flat Signet Ring


For an on-trend update, this gents signet ring will make a statement. Crafted in stelring silver featuring a sparkling zirconia.… read more

Sold out

2. It Shows What You Value & What You Stand For

Your signet ring is basically a little mark of all things you. After all, what is a signet ring? A piece of jewellery that is both personalised and customised to you! This ring gives you the unique liberty to not only pick a symbol or style that you hold close or inherently identify with but also to flaunt it as a staple piece!

You can go all out with your signet ring. Pick one that speaks to you, from the perfect gemstone to just the right metal that has the tone which matches your own skin tone perfectly! For a guide to matching and buying the right metal jewellery for you, check out our blog post on matching your jewellery to your skin tone.

3. Carry Your Mark Wherever You Go

Due to point #1, you can wear a signet ring with any outfit and at any occasion. So whether the rest of your accessories come or go, signet rings are the staple kind that not only stay, but also carry a message of all that you stand for - thereby becoming your unique symbol or prominent and definite logo, of sorts!

This is another good reason to ask yourself, what is a signet ring? Because signet rings symbolise ‘you’ and should show off your unique personality. Signet rings are also easily customisable, which means you can pick from a variety of designs, gemstones and metal tones. This brings us to the fact that...

4. They Are Available In Many Combinations Of Metals & Gemstones

Pair the best of gemstones and your favourite metal tones, all to find your ideal match.

Lucky for you, we have some good, affordable options right here at Shiels itself! To make your signet ring extra special, you can pick a ring with your birthstone (by following our birthstone birthday gift guide) or by choosing a shape or design that is close to your heart. We’ve picked out some of our favourite gold rings and sterling silver rings in the signet style.

Sterling Silver Garnet 2Heart Signet Ring Size H

Sterling Silver Garnet 2Heart Signet Ring Size H

$69.50 $139.00

Spoil yourself with this beautiful Sterling Silver Garnet 2Heart Signet Ring Size H which is a wonderful addition to your jewellery collection. Garnet is the January birthstone, which is a beautiful red, maroon colour that is especially eye-catching and unique.… read more

5. They Make A Statement

Be it the boldness of the style or the prominence of the design, nothing about a signet ring makes it a piece that can be missed. Wear it on your pinky finger for an extra pop of style or amp up the size, in comparison to your usual rings, to make it a more prominent piece of jewellery you can adorn yourself with.

So now you know what a signet ring is, what are you waiting for? Shop the best signet rings here at Shiels. Check out our range of jewellery gifts to find the perfect signet ring for your loved one. Don't forget to pay later with our wide variety of interest-free payment options!

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