Diamond Cross Necklaces

Combine elegance and style with our beloved range of diamond cross necklaces. Adorned with irresistible diamonds and made with gold, silver and platinum, our diamond cross necklaces are to love.

Diamond Cross Necklaces

Bring an extra shine to your neck with our range of cross necklaces with diamonds. 

Discover The Elegance of Our Cross Necklaces With Diamonds 

Offering an endless choice of diamond cross necklace styles, you can pair your cross necklace with a gold layered necklace or even enhance the diamond look with a diamond initial necklace. These versatile diamond cross pendant necklaces are breathtakingly divine, and available in colours of silver, gold, and rose gold. Some of our cross necklaces feature gemstones, making them a fun accessory. Our white gold diamond cross necklaces and solid gold necklaces are also stunning for a more mature look. 

Australian Made & Thoughtfully Crafted Diamond Cross Necklaces

Our Australian-made diamond cross necklaces are thoughtfully crafted to be versatile. Pair your diamond cross necklace with a yellow gold necklace or an initial necklace. Made for men and women, our cross necklaces are perfect for every occasion. Our men's cross necklaces are a great gift for him. Made from Australia’s finest, these quality diamond cross necklaces are irresistible. Elevate your cross with our intricate cross pendant designs, blending love with style. Pair your diamond cross pendant with our variety of chains, too.

 Find Your Perfect Cross Necklace At Shiels 

Shiels prioritises quality, ensuring that our diamond cross necklaces are long lasting and valuable. Our diamond cross necklace pendants are shaped to perfection and paired with a quality chain. This makes our cross pendants an important part of our jewellery range. With a variety of diamond shapes and designs available, our collection ensures that you’ll find your perfect cross. 

Find your perfect cross necklace with Shiels’ range of diamond goods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Diamond Cross Necklaces Suitable for Everyday Wear?

Diamond cross necklaces are certainly suitable for everyday wear. In fact, they suit just about every outfit! No matter the occasion, our diamond cross necklaces promise to keep you looking stylish. Whether you’re in the office or at an event, a diamond cross necklace will complete your outfit with ease.

How Do I Choose the Right Diamond Cross Necklace for Me?

When choosing your diamond cross necklace, consider its shape, style and size. Bolder and more extravagant diamond crosses are great for those who prefer to make a statement, whereas a simpler diamond cross design would work best with a chic style. Consider the length of the chain when choosing your diamond cross necklace, as this can impact how the cross sits on your neck or chest. To ensure comfort, try on the necklace before purchasing it. 

Are the Diamonds in Your Cross Necklaces Certified?

Some of the diamonds in our cross necklaces are certified. However, it is recommended that you contact Shiels and ask about the certification of your particular diamond for an accurate identification.

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