What Is The June Birthstone?

What Is The June Birthstone?

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What is the June birthstone? Great question! Find out all you need to know right here.

June has arrived, and with that comes talk around the most timeless birthstone of all: PEARLS! In a world of trendy gemstones, this June birthstone is incredibly unique. Pearls are not only an example of how wonderful and creative nature is, but they’re iconic! It’s no wonder Coco Chanel adored strands and strands of pearl necklaces.


A Symbol Of Wisdom And Experience

With an aura of fascination about them, it is considered one of the rarest pieces of jewellery that one can wear. This is due to how they’re made, an origin of which no other gemstone can boast to have! With a status of being rare and precious, they’ve always been a must-have for royals (throughout history and even today!)

Because of their versatility and elegance, pearls can be incorporated into any outfit or style. Which is exactly why you can find so many gorgeous pearl rings, pearl bracelets and pearl pendants! Pearls are commonly worn by all of our favourite celebrities -  Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and the lovely Michelle Obama. And no pearl story is ever complete without at least a mention of the icon of grace and fashion — Audrey Hepburn’s in the legendary ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

what is the june birthstone - Celebrities wearing the June birthstone

Even though pearls are the birthstone for the month of June, they also make coveted gifts for any time of the year. You’ll want to make sure you get a few beautiful pearl jewellery pieces for yourself too! Wearing even a single strand of pearls, or a pair of pearl stud earrings can give you a huge confidence boost on those days when you need it most.

How Pearls Are Made

What Is The June Birthstone

Natural pearls are created when a foreign body, like a grain of sand, enters an oyster, mollusc or clam. In order to protect itself from the irritation, these underwater creatures produce nacre - a mineral substance - that coats the irritant. Layer upon layer of nacre coats the irritant until voila - pearls are made!

Cultured pearls are made in the same way, except a grain of sand is intentionally placed into the mollusc by a pearl farmer.

Colours And Types Of Pearls

What is the June Birthstones

Pearls are found in so many colours, shapes and forms, that every owner’s pearl is almost as unique as them! You can find it in colours including black, white, peach, and more! Which means, you can find a peal that matches your skin tone and complexion to perfection. To add to the selection range, pearls are also available in dyed forms, making your taste easier to meet!

While the white and cream hues remain classics, you can also check out the range of black and green colours (usually called Tahitian Pearls) for a more unique appearance (let’s not forget Carrie Bradshaw’s uniquely black engagement stone, and the trends it set for women everywhere). Since the formation of a pearl is a natural process, no two pearls ever look identical — making it the perfect gift for someone special, symbolising a one-of-a-kind nature.

Pearls are categorised by where they are found, and knowing the types helps to select them. The most requested kind happens to be the ‘South Sea’ pearl, while FreshWater Pearls and Cultured Pearls are just, if not more, as popular an option.

The best part about pearls is that you cannot go wrong with your choice. Unlike gemstones (such as citrine and topaz, and coloured diamonds), pearls have no harsh edges, colours or tones - just flawless lustre!

Care And Maintenance

What is the June Birthstone

If you want your pearl bangles and fine jewellery to retain the same ‘just-out-of-store’ lustre that will last you years, pay attention to our steps below:

- Pearls are delicate so they must be stored with great care, away from harsh surfaces and other pieces of jewellery, since it could scratch their surface and potentially ruin their gleam.

- Pearls are extremely fragile, and can even dissolve if exposed to harsh chemicals like chlorine or vinegar. So on a day at the beach or the pool — leave your little gems safely out of the water.

- Because they occur naturally, pearls cannot be polished. So when cleaning them, try using a soft cloth.

- Since pearls originate in the water, they benefit from being stored with a damp cloth or surface, and leaving them in a dry storage box may even cause them to crack.

Get Style Tips With Shiels' Range Of Pearl Jewellery

Want to add the perfect addition to your jewellery collection with this birthstone? Shiels offers flawless pearl earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. These pearl pieces are super trendy and will definitely look great with a formal or casual outfit. Choose your pearl pieces in yellow gold or sterling silver and get ready to steal the show! Since June is dedicated to the gorgeous pearls, an extensive collection is up for grabs at all Shiels stores and online. But if you’re looking for hot deals, catch the Winter Sale starting from 17th June up to end of August. If this isn’t the right time to get your hands on some beautiful pearl jewellery, we don’t know what is.

Pairing Your Pearl Jewellery 

Pearl-drop earrings are something of a staple. Since they can be set in a wide variety of metals, they work well for most occasions and fashion styles. T-shirt? Jeans? Ball gown? Pearl drop earrings go with it all.

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl and Zirconia Drop Earrings

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl and Zirconia Drop Earrings

$99.50 $199.00

Freshwater pearls are always the perfect gift for the elegance and class, especially these sterling silver drop earrings. Complimented with white cubic zirconia and milgrain edging, the finer details finish this piece off perfectly.… read more

9ct Yellow Gold Fresh Water Pearl Long Drop Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Fresh Water Pearl Long Drop Earrings

$179.50 $359.00

These freshwater pearl earrings are classic and timeless. Featuring white freshwater pearls, the 9ct yellow gold earrings are 38mm long and 8mm wide.… read more

The next most popular piece is the Chanel-inspired string of pearls, which are enough of an addition to make any outfit picture perfect. Trés chic!

White Freshwater 160cm Long Pearl Necklace

White Freshwater 160cm Long Pearl Necklace

$399.50 $799.00

With stunning freshwater white pearls, this 160cm strand can be worn in a number of fashionable ways, you can choose any style that suits you.… read more

For a more understated look, a dainty pearl pendant is also worth considering, which adds just a little Grace Kelly Style to your look.

9ct Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond + Pearl Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond + Pearl Pendant

$199.49 $348.99

Look divine in this 9ct Yellow Gold Gorgeous Diamond + Pearl Pendant. Nothing expresses elegance or luxury like a pearl, and this beautiful white centrepiece is no different. Accentuated by a ribbon-like yellow gold design with sparkling diamonds, you’ll stun… read more

9ct Yellow Gold Black Freshwater Pearl Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Black Freshwater Pearl Pendant

$178.99 $348.99

A modern take on the classic pearl, this beauty is inspired by our love for anything black and gold. With a 24mm black freshwater pearl set in a yellow gold pendant, this captivating piece will lend itself to any outfit… read more

Quality pearls add a touch of class to any outfit. Wearing shimmering pearl jewellery pieces such as pearl necklaces or a pair of translucent pearl earrings not only brings class and elegance to your look, it also makes you feel at one with nature. No longer restricted to formal wear, natural and cultured pearls are as at home in the office as they are on the ballroom floor.
On those days when you feel like doing nothing more than curling up with a good book, pearl bracelets slinking gracefully up and down your wrist can lift your spirits, so you can run the day’s errands with a smile on your face. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from putting on freshwater pearl pendants to help you get into character when you're finally able to sit down and enjoy that classic novel! Check out our Gemstones Guide which goes through all twelve months of the year or jump to a blog below. 

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