What Is The September Birthstone?

What Is The September Birthstone?

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What is the September birthstone? Great question! Find out all you need to know right here. September has arrived, and with it comes a mixture of things we love. One such sparkly item on the list is the September birthstone - the precious, blue sapphire!

So whether you’re born in September or your loved one is, it’s time to celebrate with some gorgeous sapphire jewellery. And if you’re planning on popping the big question, what better way to do it than with sapphires! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this birthstone and how you can effortlessly style it.

September Babies - you already know the drill...


History And Meaning

Originating from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’, sapphires are rich in history, meaning and symbolism. They’re said to bring fulfilment, joy, and prosperity to their wearer. They were often worn before journeys too, as they brought safe travels. Another interesting and mystical story behind the sapphires, is their ability to rid the person wearing it of negative thoughts.

While adored by everyone, sapphires are particularly popular with royalty and the affluent. Most of the queens (even Queen B - Beyoncé) have worn, at some time or the other, a tiara that had a sapphire show-stopper! With its almost ethereal appearance and range of shades, it’s no surprise royalty love this birthstone. From Queen Victoria’s infamous sapphire crown to Kate Middleton’s jaw-dropping sapphire ring and Queen Maxima’s decadent tiara, it’s safe to say sapphires will always be in fashion.

So whether you’re a September baby or not — you know that this gemstone jewellery is worth buying!

3 Chic Types of Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphires are the kind of stones that go well in any type of jewellery. Be it rings or fancy necklaces — they add just the right amount of pop to both formal and informal outfits. Here are a few ideas to help you add this birthstone into your jewellery collection. With their delicate appearance, they make for excellent gifts too!

1. Sapphire Rings

The most iconic type of sapphire jewellery is sapphire rings of course. Go grab that Princess Diana feeling with a gleam of blue on your finger. From cocktails to swanky dinners— you’re all set with this birthstone. Acting as a statement piece, and with all of their meaning, sapphire rings also make the perfect engagement ring!

For more birthstone related ideas, check out our trend report on gemstone jewellery.

9ct Yellow Gold Natural Sapphire 2.50 Carat 9X7mm Oval with 0.50 Carat Diamonds Ring

9ct Yellow Gold Natural Sapphire 2.50 Carat 9X7mm Oval with 0.50 Carat Diamonds Ring

$934.50 $1,834.00

Celebrate the moment of a lifetime with the extraordinary 9ct Yellow Gold Natural Sapphire 2.50 Carat 9x7mm Oval Engagement Ring, adorned with 0.50 Carat Diamonds. This ring is a perfect embodiment of love and commitment, designed to symbolise the depth… read more

2. Sapphire Pendants

Chic and feminine, sapphire pendants and necklaces exude elegance. They not only give your outfit a pop of colour, but they can take your look from every day to fabulous. So whether you’re running errands, heading to work or going out with friends, sapphire pendants are always the perfect choice.

Due to their versatile nature, sapphires can also be paired with almost anything! This goes for outfits, other gemstones and your jewellery metal. And the best way to judge that is, of course, through your taste and the metal best suited to your skin tone! (Don’t know which one looks best? Check out our post on which jewellery metal is best for your skin tone).

If you’re getting ready for date night, a dazzling necklace with diamonds (or cubic zirconias) and this birthstone is your new go-to. Want a more understated look? Then you’ll want to reach for a dark blue sapphire pendant with dainty accents. With so many metal colours and shades of sapphire to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice at Shiels!

9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Pendant

$349.49 $648.99

If everyday gleam is always on your mind, then this 9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Pendant is a perfect pick to bring some glimmer to your neckline. This is truly a gemstone of royalty. The amazing charm… read more

9ct Charming Yellow Gold Natural Black Sapphire 8x6mm and Diamond Pendant

9ct Charming Yellow Gold Natural Black Sapphire 8x6mm and Diamond Pendant

$299.49 $548.99

Featuring a stunning sapphire, this unique pendant has a vintage feel to it. Incorporating stunning diamonds, the 9ct yellow gold pendant is sure to please.… read more

3. Sapphire Earrings

This birthstone also makes for the best kind of earrings - with or without other gemstones and coloured stones. From drop earrings to elegant and understated tops, blue sapphire earrings make for the perfect addition to a look. If paired correctly, you can even wear your rich blue sapphires to work (you can learn more about work appropriate jewellery here!)

9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

$499.50 $999.00

These beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold Created Sapphire + Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings display an amazing colour. The lab grown sapphires are chemically identical to mined variants, yet they show the colour of incredibly rare formations. This vibrant blue colour matches… read more

So, there you have it - everything you need to know about sapphires, this gorgeous birthstone. Although we love celebrating birthdays, you don’t have to be born in September to rock sapphires. Spoil yourself year-round with the best of the blues from the Shiels collection today!

Each month of the year, we’re introducing everyone’s specific birthstones. If you want some more information about other birthstones, be sure to check out our gemstones guide.

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