What Is The November Birthstone?

What Is The November Birthstone?

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What is the November birthstone? Great question. Well, for all the November babies, it’s time to shine and celebrate your birth month with two of the most beautiful birthstones! Introducing the November birthstones, citrine and topaz.

Citrine comes from the French word citron, which means lemon. And yep, you guessed it - citrine is a yellow variety of Quartz. It comes in a range of yellow colours, from golden yellow to almost brown. 

Despite topaz being found in a range of colours, it is commonly associated with golden yellow as well as blue. We are sure you'll fall in love with the traditional birthstone.

Keep reading to learn more about these special gemstones, what they symbolise and how to style topaz jewellery and beautiful citrine jewellery.


How To Identify Real Citrine

Citrine is an iron-rich quartz that is known for its strength and hardness. So, if you’re looking for a stone that is not only pretty but durable, this birthstone is the perfect pick! Although they are often confused with yellow topaz, they are completely unique and a little more brilliant than their mistaken counterpart.

The name ‘citrine’ has French origins and means ‘lemon’. These stones come in colours ranging from pale yellow to warm amber, and often even appear in an orange-red shade known as ‘Madeira’ (after the fortified wine)! Believed to be a gift of healing from the sun, it represents comfort and calm and is considered to bring creativity and new beginnings. It is also believed to enhance optimism and the person’s power. Citrine carries the virtues of self-improvement, inspiration and enhances one’s self-esteem.

A fun fact is that citrine’s colour comes from exposure to heat and light, so an important care tip is to keep them out of direct sunlight since the prolonged exposure would fade its colour.


What Is Citrine Used For?

As one of the most popular gemstones of the roaring 1920s, citrine is known for its yellow glamour during the Art Deco period. It was frequently adorned by Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford - the trendsetting divas of the time. It was also commonly embedded into the hilts of swords by Scottish noblemen.

Tips For Styling Your Citrine Jewellery

With its affordability and durability (with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness), along with its striking colour, citrine makes an ideal and budget-friendly choice for everyone. The best part about it? With its sunshine-like shades, it can be coupled with nearly any and every type of coloured outfit, which only contributes to its popularity.

Wear it to work and add some glam to your professional look by sporting a pair of beautifully dainty citrine earrings.

9ct Yellow Gold Citrine Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Citrine Stud Earrings

$129.50 $259.00

As the birthstone for November, these stunning citrine earrings are simply gorgeous. Crafted in 9ct yellow gold, the brilliant cut citrine gemstones are 4mm each.… read more

You can also pair your work outfit with an elegant citrine ring! The one above, for example, has a very stylish charm. With a well-matched combination of clear stones and coloured ones, this ring has a very appealing and timeless look. To know more about the best pieces to wear to work, check out our blog post on work appropriate jewellery.

9ct Yellow Gold 2.00 Carat Cushion Cut Citrine Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 2.00 Carat Cushion Cut Citrine Ring

$434.50 $834.00

Please contact us regarding special order enquiries for this ring. All ring sizes can be specially ordered, with delivery approximately 6-8 weeks.… read more

Alternatively, for a dressier look, opt for dangly citrine earrings that will go with nearly every one of your fancier outfits! You also can’t go past a statement ring that will be the showstopper of any look either. The best part about this birthstone is that at such affordable prices, you can get a cocktail ring that is not only extravagant looking but also adds a pop of colour to any ensemble.

A stone that goes with the colours of autumn and summer alike, citrine is the kind that is not only easy to pair with metals (and matches silver and gold alike), but with other gemstones!

To really add a touch of glam to your outfit, mix and match your birthstone jewellery! At Shiels, we have jewellery sets that already do this for you, and they’re perfect for every occasion.

When it comes to mixing it with other gemstones, you really can’t go past ‘Tree of Life’ pendants! Set with the citrine gemstone, tree of life jewellery is timelessly beautiful and truly holds a special place in our hearts. Find out what tree of life jewellery is and why is it significant in our blog.

For busy women on the go, citrine pendants like the ones below, are the perfect accessory. Pop one of these beauties on, and it will make even the most simple look seem effortlessly perfect!

How To Cleanse Citrine Stone

Even though citrines have an incredibly hard nature, there are certain precautions towards cleaning that must be taken.

For starters, avoid using abrasive physical or chemical cleaners, and instead, opt for warm soapy water to do the trick! And while steam cleaning is usually popular with other stones, it is not advisable for this one since it may cause it to crack.

Now that you know everything there is to know about it, it’s time to get shopping! You can buy citrine jewellery at Shiels at incredible prices, and with a wide variety of interest-free payment options available, you can buy now and pay later!

What Colour Is Topaz?

Topaz does not have a true colour because it comes in a range of colours. From fiery shades of orange and yellow, to cool hues of blue and violet, the topaz gemstone is adaptable and can be paired with every skin tone. 

The orange and colourless topaz stones are seen often, but the rarest (and most attractive) of them all, is the blue topaz. And of course, we have the blue topaz stone in rings, bracelets, necklaces and more at Shiels Jewellers!

Whilst blue is most commonly associated with aquamarine, through a special treatment, topaz is able to become blue. Through this treatment, the natural brown colour of topaz is turned into a vibrant, bright and dazzling blue. However, some rare topaz stones are also naturally blue. If you are lucky enough to have found one of those, you have really struck gold! 


Topaz is a versatile gemstone that is highly valued and appreciated for its hardness, clarity and stunning beauty. It rates an 8 on the MOHS scale, third only to sapphires (at 9) and diamonds (at 10)! It's a hard choice between citrine and topaz for the best birthstone. However, it's hard to look past the topaz with it's versatility. 

citrine crystal

How Is Topaz Made?

Topaz is formed by fluorine-bearing vapours given off through the final steps of the crystallization of igneous stones.

The topaz gemstone is said to bring strength and intelligence to the wearer and to calm tempers and eliminate nightmares. It also symbolises love and affection!

In ancient times, the Greeks believed that wearing the topaz gave the wearer special powers of invincibility and invisibility - which adds to its mysterious charm. Additionally, topaz was said to help with stubbornness. Legend has it that its cool colour was the reason behind its ability to soothe anger and strong emotions.

The folklore around this gemstone is pretty unique. Believe it or not, topaz used to be ground into a powder and mixed in with wine to ensure a good night’s sleep.

How To Tell The Difference Between Blue Topaz And Aquamarine

Topaz feels much heavier than aquamarine, but in terms of colour, aquamarine is blue to blue-green whilst birthstone topaz is a gem of all colours. However, even experts find it difficult to tell the two apart because blue topaz looks so similar to aquamarine.

Most people dot understand that most aquamarines are heat treated to achieve a blue colour that customers demand. In the aquamarines natural form, it is a greenish colour. 

Topaz Jewellery Trends

Blue topaz rings are the go-to accessory for almost every occasion! Be it a ball or a board room, a topaz ring always fits right in. Not to mention, there is an impeccable versatility to this gemstone. Which means you can find the it in statement rings, cocktail rings and even minimalistic rings. Pink topaz rings are also some of the most prized pieces. 

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring with Zirconia Accent

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring with Zirconia Accent


Turn heads with the Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Ring with Zirconia Accent—an impressive piece that's bound to leave a lasting impression. Ideal as a cocktail ring, the vibrant blue topaz paired with zirconia accents is a stunning combination that exudes… read more


A class apart from nearly every other kind of accessory, earrings have the subtle but strong ability to tie a whole look together. Blue topaz studs like the two shown below are the pinnacle of elegance.

9ct Yellow Gold Princess Cut 5mm Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Princess Cut 5mm Blue Topaz Stud Earrings

$149.50 $299.00

Create a relaxed yet polished look with these 9ct yellow gold princess cut 5mm blue topaz stud earrings. Featuring a sophisticated design, these edgy and pristine blue topaz stud earrings are comfortable to wear and look great with any outfit.… read more

Nothing sets a girl apart like a well-fashioned bracelet. Ever since blue topaz bracelets came onto the jewellery scene, they’ve been loved by absolutely everyone. Whether you opt for a dainty topaz bracelet or a statement piece, you can be confident that it’ll always be in fashion. Pick your favourite, and flaunt it.

9ct Marquise Cut Sky Blue Topaz and Diamond 19cm Bracelet in White Gold

9ct Marquise Cut Sky Blue Topaz and Diamond 19cm Bracelet in White Gold

$799.00 $1,999.00

This 9ct Marquise Cut Sky Blue Topaz and Diamond 19cm Bracelet in White Gold has lush colour and undeniable elegance. Each blue topaz is cut into a beautiful marquise shape, enhancing both shimmer and length. The vibrance blue is contrasted… read more

With a sparkling blue topaz, this heart padlock bracelet pictured below is perfectly unique. Crafted in sterling silver, the padlock heart is 15mmx15mm.  

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Belcher Link 19cm Padlock Bracelet

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Belcher Link 19cm Padlock Bracelet

$99.50 $199.00

With a sparkling blue topaz, this blecher padlock bracelet is perfectly unique. Crafted in sterling silver. Padlock heart is 15mmx15mm.… read more

It may not be the heart of the sea, but don’t underestimate the charm of this little bluestone. From the grace of a diamond topaz pendant to the quirky appeal of a blue topaz devil pendant, is there any style that blue topaz necklaces can’t pull off?

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pear 8x12mm and Zirconia Pendant with 45cm Chain

Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pear 8x12mm and Zirconia Pendant with 45cm Chain


This gorgeous Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pear 8x12mm and Zirconia Pendant with 45cm Chain embodies elegance. The pear shaped pendant is truly magical with its striking blue colour that is especially eye-catching. Set in a halo setting with the glitter… read more

Sold out

Now that you know everything there is to know about the them, it’s time to get shopping for eye-catching jewellery! You can buy citrine jewellery and topaz jewellery at Shiels at incredible prices, and with a wide variety of interest-free payment options available, you can buy now and pay later!

Love the topaz, but you're born in December, don't worry! Topaz is actually the December birthstone as well. And if you’ve got a January or February birthday, we have birthstone jewellery for you too! With plenty of interest-free finance options available and free shipping, you can afford to spoil yourself (or buy the perfect gift for your loved one) this Summer!

Check out the rest of the birthstones in our Birthstones Guide.

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