What Is The March Birthstone?

What Is The March Birthstone?

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What is the March birthstone? Great question! Well, it’s no secret, aquamarine jewellery is gorgeous and it just happens to be the March March birthstone

Just ask Meghan Markle who wore Princess Diana’s famous aquamarine cocktail ring recently. With its almost-magical blue colours, it’s no wonder its graced the hands of royalty. While you may not be a duchess or princess, you can certainly feel and look like one!

Aquamarine has been around for hundreds of years but has only recently made a comeback in the fashion world - though it’s been one of our favourite gemstones for a while now. With its colour, history and meaning, you can’t overlook an aquamarine ring or necklace as the next addition to your jewellery collection.

Read on to learn more about this stunning gemstone and why you should embrace blue this March.


Aquamarine Stone Meaning

With its beautiful hues of blue, it comes as no surprise that aquamarine is known as the gemstone of the sea. Coming from the Latin words ’aqua’ and ‘mare’, aquamarine means water and sea.

Like all gemstones, aquamarine has a long history filled with lore and special meanings. Among other things, aquamarine is believed to reduce stress, sharpen intuition, and cool and soothe the mind.

The meaning of the Aquamarine stone is based heavily on its namesake – the sea. Another integral part of its meaning is the stone’s ability to calm one’s fear of public speaking. So if you're someone who has to do a lot of public speaking, this is the gemstone for you. 

We already said how Meghan Markle and Princess Diana loved their aquamarine jewellery, but we couldn’t leave out the Queen! Queen Elizabeth fell in love with gemstone jewellery when she was gifted an aquamarine necklace and a pair of aquamarine earrings by the Brazilian president in 1953. By 1957, the fabulous Queen also had a tiara commissioned to match.

Did we forget to mention that aquamarine is adored by celebrities? Back in 2012, Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel with an absolutely breathtaking ring. Custom-designed, this ring was personalised for Jessica and even featured her birthstone - aquamarine!

Colour And Characteristics

Living up to its name, Aquamarine can be found all over the world from the palest blue (almost see-through) to greenish-blue and a deep blue. The darker the blue, the more glamorous and valuable it is. 

Aquamarine is a part of the mineral Beryl family, alongside the precious emerald, morganite and many other colourful gemstones. The beauty of aquamarine, in particular, is that it usually has far fewer inclusions and fractures than its sister gemstones. Aquamarine is also very durable!

Buy Aquamarine Jewellery 

Loved by celebrities and royalty, aquamarine is definitely a must-have for this season. If you’re shopping for a birthday girl, you won’t be at a loss for choices when it comes to aquamarine jewellery. Aquamarine jewellery makes a perfect gift for many reasons, but it’s the uniqueness and gorgeous blue that draws everyone in. Although aquamarine looks especially stunning when it’s set in white gold or silver, you can also find it in yellow gold.

Aquamarine jewellery is the perfect way to add a small pop of colour into your everyday wardrobe. For a chic and yet casual look, simply pair an aquamarine pendant with your favourite white tee and pair of jeans. For a more sophisticated look, add another layer with a black blazer!

9ct White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine + Diamond Pendant

9ct White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine + Diamond Pendant


Pristine, elegant, simply stunning. This 9ct White Gold Pear Shaped Aquamarine + Diamond Pendant is gemstone jewellery at its most beautiful. Lush 9ct white gold and a channel of diamonds bring out the remarkable oceanic colour of aquamarine. Choose this… read more

Just because you’re not getting to strut your stuff down the red carpet or shake the hands of royalty, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear aquamarine at special events! Whether you’re getting ready for a night out on the town or for a bigger event, aquamarine jewellery can instantly enhance your look.

Whites and neutral colours, in particular, are always lovely when paired with aquamarine. Not only do these neutral hues make your aquamarine stand out, but it also gives it that little extra sparkle! Pair your glamorous dress with a pair of aquamarine statement earrings, or draw the attention to your hand with a stunning aquamarine diamond ring. Either way, you’ll definitely turn heads!

9ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine 4mm Stud Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine 4mm Stud Earrings

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If you love to wear studs, these 9ct Yellow Gold Aquamarine 4mm Stud Earrings are just for you. This pair of studs have glorious aquamarine stones that are said to attract happiness and everlasting youth. Known as the gem of… read more

Since aquamarine is so versatile, you can mix and match it with both silver and gold jewellery! Accessorising yourself is all about having fun and showing off your personal style, so don’t be afraid to mix it up!


One gorgeous idea is to layer and stack your aquamarine rings with more understated rings. This gives you that effortless and coordinated look, but with a hint of uniqueness and dimension.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then adding in more gemstones is your go-to. If you’re unsure about where to start, a good rule of thumb is to stick to soft and subtle colours, and then work up from there. For example, a rose gold morganite ring and/or morganite earrings would pair beautifully with a pale blue aquamarine necklace - the pastel colours complement each other while giving you a feminine look overall. Keep it simple to start with and then when you’re confident, you can add in some bolder coloured gemstones (like ruby jewellery or emerald).

9ct Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Heart Ring

9ct Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Heart Ring


Sweet and romantic, this 9ct Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Heart Ring is perfect for gifting. The heart cut morganite stone is simply stunning, with a gorgeous pink-orange colour and captivating shine. A collection of white diamonds complement the large… read more

Although aquamarine is special to all of those born in March, it can be worn by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Incorporate some aquamarine jewellery into your look this March and have fun experimenting! 

Where To Buy Aquamarine Jewellery? 

To add some sparkle into your outfit in a refreshing new way, just pop into one of our stores or browse our range of aquamarine jewellery online. From rings to necklaces and gorgeous earrings, we have a large range of aquamarine jewellery for you! Add a touch of class to your life today. Find out the other birthstones in our jewellery guides. Make sure you take advantage of our free shipping on all orders over $69 and our range of finance options. We offer Latitude Interest Free, Klarna, Afterpay, Zip, humm and Laybuy. 

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