What Is The May Birthstone?

What Is The May Birthstone?

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What is the May birthstone? Epitomising the colour of nature and life, the stunning green emerald is the May birthstone.

It is dedicated to growth and energy while being a symbol of love and rebirth, the rich green emerald is the traditional birthstone for the month of May. Mined mainly in Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia, this birthstone is formed from molten beryllium that bubbles to the surface from deep inside the Earth’s crust and then cools to its final crystalline form. Its green colour comes from a mixture of other elements including vanadium, chromium, and iron.

Highly distinguishable by its powerful and gleaming colour, this birthstone is a popular choice for the rich, famous and royal. Emerald jewellery is and has always been a standout, elevating any look with its addition.

Read on to discover an undeniably elegant hack to 'turn up' your style with emeralds.

What Is The May Birthstone Overview:

     ★ Emerald meaning & famous history
     ★ Buying emeralds & how to care for them
     ★ Emerald buying hack
     ★ How to style emerald jewellery

Its Meaning And Famous History

Denoting hope, the stone’s soothing yet brilliant emerald green colour is said to inspire thoughts of harmony and renewal. According to mythology, the emerald belongs to the goddess of Venus; associating the stone with romance. Don’t be fooled by its green colour; it is said that it will bring passion, bliss and unconditional love.

Throughout history, the emerald has found itself in the hands of many, across all cultures. Dating back to one of the world's very first divas, Cleopatra adored emeralds so much that she claimed every mine in Egypt as her own. Funnily enough, Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor added a few of these pretty pieces to her collection while filming ‘Cleopatra.’

What is the birthstone for May - Hollywood celebrities in wearing Emerald Jewellery

Hollywood celebrities creating a statement in Emerald Jewellery

Emerald gems have been part of many famous, yet rather scandalous events too. For example, when King Edward VIII of England proposed to a very American, very divorced Wallis Simpson with a nineteen-carat emerald ring and stirred up quite a storm. Other famous lovers of this ardent rock include former first lady Jackie Kennedy, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Blake Lively, Halle Berry and many more who have rocked it.

Buying Emeralds And How To Care For Them

Not unlike other gemstones, a real emerald can be judged using the 4C’s: colour, cut, clarity and carat. However, when it comes to purchasing an emerald, most gemologists agree that it all depends on the colour of the stone. The colour must be evenly distributed and not too dark.

Emerald Buying Hack

Not looking to burn a hole in your pocket with a real emerald? Don’t lose hope, as we have just what you need and no one can even tell the difference - Lab-Created Emeralds!

These emeralds are crafted with the utmost care into beautiful pieces of jewellery, to give the same look and feel of natural emeralds and in some cases with even fewer imperfections - and for a fraction of the cost!

A lab-created emerald is a real emerald, just not a naturally formed one. These synthetic emeralds are of the same composition as natural emeralds. Most natural emeralds contain defects that affect clarity, however, man-made gemstones are of high quality,  clarity and are incredibly affordable.

You can easily find a top-quality lab-created emerald for below $100. The emeralds used in affordable fashion birthstone jewellery are the way of today! Don’t be mistaken into thinking that created emeralds aren’t real - they’re simply not ‘natural’.

Once you've got your hands on an emerald piece you love, simply clean it with mild soap and warm water. But be warned, no steam, chemicals or high heat.

How To Style Emerald Jewellery

The May gemstone is popular in emerald earrings, emerald rings, emerald bracelets and emerald necklaces. The green hues of an emerald complement all skin tones, making it a versatile option for everyone.

The elegant shape of emerald pendants complements V-neck tops and dresses perfectly. Alternatively, opt for a pair of stud earrings to elevate your everyday look. Pair these subtle pieces of jewellery with an all-black ensemble to add a pop of colour.

For a bolder look, choose a statement piece and pair it with a matching coloured handbag and shoes, or even with a colourful patterned outfit that highlights the beautiful emerald shades. But of course, you can’t go wrong with emeralds for a big event. The regal green colour instantly lifts your look making for a stunning outfit that will turn heads.

9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald + Diamond Drop Earrings

9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald + Diamond Drop Earrings

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9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald and Diamond 18cm Infinity Bracelet

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9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald and Diamond Pendant

9ct Yellow Gold Created Emerald and Diamond Pendant

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 Whether you’re born in May or not, add some emeralds to your style and invite positive energy, safety, growth and harmony into your life. Now you know what the birthstone for May is, take your time as you browse through the emeralds at Shiels, your one-stop shop for jewellery online.

Dazzling and affordable, this birthstone will put a smile on anyone’s face. If you're curious about your birthstone, or you're looking for the perfect gift idea we've got you covered - check out our birthstone gift guide and gemstones guide. And don’t forget that you get free shipping on all purchases over $69!

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* Editor's Note: This post was originally published in May 2019 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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