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Birthstone Birthday Gift Guide For Her

Birthstone jewellery is a personal and special gift idea perfect for a special loved one in your life. Discover more about birthstones and their unique meanings.

Ask anyone and they would likely know what their birthstone is. Similar to star signs, birthstones are beautiful gems that correspond with a person’s birth month. Each stone has its own special colour which symbolises a unique meaning and significance.

Originating from ancient times, birthstones remain a prominent part of modern society. The colours representing birthstones are commonly seen in birthday keepsakes and other gift types. It is also widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

Perhaps the most common place to see birthstones however, is in jewellery. Across the world, jewellery makers have incorporated birthstone gems into their jewellery pieces, making them an ideal option for a birthday gift.

With each stone being connected to a person’s birth month, along with having a unique significance associated with it, this makes birthstone jewellery a special and personal gift for anyone in your life.

January - Garnet

Meaning - Protection

Colour - Dark Red

For anyone born in the month of January, garnet jewellery is their go-to gemstone. Garnet is a beautiful dark red colour which was the most desired gemstone in the later years of the Roman Empire. The stone symbolises protection, and is said to promote strong relationships and help harness inner strength. Interestingly, the word ‘garnet’ originates from the Latin word garnatus which means ‘seed-like’. This is evidently a reference to the red colour and similar appearance of pomegranate seeds. A lovely gift idea for a January-born loved one, is this beautiful natural garnet ring. Paired with yellow-gold creates a beautiful harmony which is both simple and elegant.


February - Amethyst

Meaning - Wisdom

Colour - Violet

February has amethyst as its birthstone. As a member of the quartz family, amethyst is highly valued for their deep violet colour. Amethyst jewellery dates back to ancient Egyption times where it was engraved and set into jewellery pieces. Amethyst is known as the “jewel of the Gods” as in the middle ages it was often worn by royalty with the colour purple associated with regality. The gemstone symbolises wisdom, and is believed to promote positivity, courage and stability. If you’re looking for the perfect February inspired gift idea, then these simple solitaire amethyst oval cut studs are an worthy option.


March - Aquamarine

Meaning - Serenity

Colour - Blue or Cyan

Aquamarine jewellery is a beautiful gift idea for people born in the month of March. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family. Pure beryl in its natural form is clear, where all other colours are caused by impurities. When iron is present in the area that  aquamarine is formed, the fresh blue colour is created. Aquamarine gems are believed to inspire harmony and marriage, making them the perfect gift for new brides as well as a birthday gift. This gemstone is also believed to enhance communication and promote clarity. A lovely gift idea for any March-born lady is this charming white gold aquamarine pendant. The solitaire aquamarine gemstone is circled by delicate diamonds creating a fresh and light feel.


April - Diamond

Meaning - Innocence

Colour - Clear

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they are the ultimate best friend for anyone born in April. Diamond jewellery has been a centrepiece in all jewellery collections for years and are an iconic gift idea for all kinds of occasions. However when it comes to birthstones, diamonds are a very special stone for April-born loved ones. As diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth, they symbolise strength and courage. Diamonds are also a symbol of everlasting love, which is why they are often the go-to engagement and wedding rings stone. For a special birthday, there’s no going wrong with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. These impressive diamond studs are simple, delicate and truly beautiful making them an iconic birthday gift.


May - Emerald

Meaning - Hope

Colour - Dark Green

For anyone born in the month of May, emerald jewellery is their go-to gemstone. Emeralds are unique for having surfaces that are highly resistant to scratches. The gems name originates from the Greek word ‘smaragdus’, which translates to green stone. The beautiful green colour is said to inspire thoughts of springtime and renewal. Interestingly, Cleopatra was known for adorning herself in emerald stones. Emerald hold a meaning of hope, and is also said to symbolise love and abundance. This natural emerald ring is an ideal birthday gift for May-born loved ones.


June - Pearl

Meaning - Purity/Imagination

Colour - White

Pearl is the primary birthstone for the month of June. This stone represents purity and imagination though its meaning can change based on the colour of the pearl. Pearl jewellery exudes sophistication and is interestingly the only stone which does not need to be cut or polished. As pearls are iridescent, they complement any type of skin tone perfectly. This beautiful freshwater pearl set is a timeless and classic birthday idea for someone special in your life.


July - Ruby

Meaning -  Vitality

Colour - Red

For July-born ladies, ruby jewellery is the way to go. Rubies are formed from the mineral corundum which would be considered sapphire if it weren’t for their unique dark red colour. Some of the world's most valuable rubies form a deep red color with blue undertones, similar to the colour of blood. For this reason, rubies are often associated with vitality and physical strength, making them the perfect gift for someone full of energy and life. Rubies are also a symbol of passion and love, said to have protective powers when worn. A beautiful choice for a July-born loved one is this stunning heart shaped ruby ring which exudes love and passion in both its shape and colour!


August - Peridot

Meaning - Beauty

Colour - Olive Green

Peridot is the beautiful olive green gemstone which corresponds with the month of August. A distinctive feature of peridot is that its colour remains the same in both natural and artificial light. The ability to rebound the same green shine at night is what led to the stones association with beauty, particularly in Egyption culture. Peridot is believed to bring good luck and help attract wealth. A nice gift idea for an August-born gal are these alluring peridot drop earrings. Drop earrings are perfect for peridot stones, as they allow the stones to easily sparkle in all kinds of light, day and night!


September - Sapphire

Meaning - Wisdom

Colour - Royal Blue

For a loved one born in the month of September, sapphire jewellery is an optimal choice. Sapphires are known for their vibrant blue colour representing wisdom and royalty. According to ancient and medieval times, sapphire signifies celestial hope and faith, bringing protection, good fortune and spiritual insight into the wearers life. A lovely gift option for a september birthday is this beautiful white gold natural sapphire ring.


October - Opal

Meaning - Faithfulness

Colour - Iridescent

Opal is the precious birthstone for the month of October. Opals are special as they diffract light and display all colours of the rainbow simultaneously. For this reason, opals are considered to hold great luck as they exhibit the colours of each other gemstone in its colour spectrum. The opal gemstone is believed to promote faithfulness and confidence in a person's life. A beautiful gift option for the October-born girl are these stunning white opal stud earrings. Opals possess a unique iridescent quality making them a gorgeous gift for a special person in your life.


November - Citrine

Meaning - Joy

Colour - Dark Yellow

For anyone born in the month of November, citrine jewellery is their go-to gemstone. Citrine is a beautiful dark yellow colour where its natural form can only be found in Spain, France, Hungary and a small island off Scotland known as Arran. The golden colour of citrine is said to channel the power of th sun and the positivity associated with it. For this reason citrine is believed to improve your mood and help you to appreciate your surroundings. A lovely gift idea for a November-born loved one, is this beautiful gold citrine diamond ring.


December - Turquoise

Meaning - Friendship

Colour - Turquoise 

Last but not least, turquoise jewellery is a beautiful gift idea for people born in the month of December. The opaque blue-green gem has been valued for thousands of years by many different cultures which each gave it their own name. Turquoise is commonly regarded as a love and friendship charm and is a symbol of good fortune and success. The vibrant blue stone is also believed to relax the mind and protect the wearer from any harm that may come their way. The perfect birthday gift for a December gal is this uniquely beautiful sterling silver turquoise ring. The the opaqueness of turquoise makes it a perfect accessory for the everyday outfit.


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